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Poseidon - God of the Sea

No description

Vincent Moretto

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Poseidon - God of the Sea

Poseidon A Presentation by Vincent Moretto Who is Poseidon? Poseidon (Greek: Neptune) is a god of many names. He is most famous as the god of the sea. The Family Tree What role did Poseidon play in the Trojan War? As the Trojan War was entering it’s most bloody phase, Poseidon, against the strict orders of Zeus, entered the fray. V When Zeus discovered his brother had betrayed his orders, he did not lash out. He sent Iris, the storm-footed messenger instead. She warned Poseidon off the battlefield and Poseidon quickly agreed to withdraw but he was defiant. He said he would leave because of his respect for Zeus but not because of fear. Poseidon's influence on culture Poseidon in Hollywood (Neptune) 1952 2004 2006 1972 Amphitrite Authors and Poseidon George O'Connor Anna Banks Helen Scales, PH.D. Nick Barry Neptune in Astronomy Seen through the eye of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The changes suggest that Neptune is undergoing seasonal change. A day on Neptune lasts 16 hours and 7 minutes One year on Neptune is about 165 Earth years, or 60,265 days "God of the Sea" "Earth Shaker" "Tamer of Horses" "King Neptune" Really?!? Eye Spy! Keep Track of how many Little Neptunes you see! Thank You for your Time and Attention The End How many little Neptunes did you find? There were only 3!
(4 counting the example) Thanks for Playing! Poseidon in TV http://dotsub.com/view/33bc7e8d-911d-4415-aa32-7025fbfdc0fc Why is this clip ironic?
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