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School Choice

No description

Emily Nord

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of School Choice

What IS School Choice?
Every 26 seconds, a kid in America drops out of public school
Despite the funds set aside for underprivileged kids, only those whose guardians qualify are eligible
In 2007, 73.2% of grade 1-12 students were assigned to public schools depending on district
As of 2009, approximately 17% of charter school's results were significantly better than standard public schools (It's
not muc
h, but it's a start!)
Children like Anthony don't always have to go to their districted school- there is another option, and more and more are opening up across the country.
Another Option: Charter Schools
More School Choice
School Choice
By: Emily Nord, Francesca Dellasala, Timmy Yoon, and Emma Keeney
AP Lang Period 4
Districting is the #1 issue
In follow-up video, Anthony is happy, and appreciative for the chance to work hard and learn. He wants to own his own business some day! Anthony's Grandmother is grateful for him getting out of their bad neighborhood, as SEED offers so many more opportunities for Anthony than the schools he was districted for.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America. "Waiting For Superman: Anthony Clip." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 21 Aug. 2015.

The Heritage Foundation. "What Is School Choice?" YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 21 Aug. 2015.

Fast Facts
Charter schools are independently run and welcome all children regardless of zipcode. Emphasize college by possibly extending in-school hours or making teachers more available.
The Public's Response to
Waiting for Superman
3 major consequences:
separates siblings and friends
relocates students in the middle of their elementary, middle, and/or high school careers (a.k.a inconsistant learning enviornments)
loss of the student's feeling of security regarding school

Inconsistancy leads to...


The future for the education system looks like little to nothing will change never less improve within the next 10 years.
School choice is not only a problem in poor areas, affluent areas suffer as well.
Although selecting school can be useful, most likely is not.
Guggenheim is misleading in his solution for everyone to choose specific charter schools for their academic advancement.
Other solutions include fixing the root by having stricter hiring and application processes of teachers.
Although there was a lot of criticism towards the documentary, the money that charter schools recieved from pro-choice supporters was huge.
Number of Public Charter Schools
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