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The Communication Process

No description

Kasey Carmona

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The Communication Process

The Communication Process
All Communication originates with a source
frame of reference
assigning meaning to the symbols, in order to understand the message.
In order for the communication process to function properly,
a source must clearly deliver
a message.
Complete the Pass
A source must deliver
a to a receiver.
Encoding (a message)
translating internal ideas and images into a system of symbols that will be recognized and interpreted by the receiver
As a source (speaker),
it is vital to understand
a receiver's
a receiver’s knowledge, education, background, goals, values, attitudes, etc. A receiver’s frame of reference will affect how a message is decoded.
frame of reference:
The means by which a message is communicated
the environment or situation in which
the speech occurs
The effectiveness of any particular speech relies on a blend of circumstances that can never be exactly replicated again.
(the speaker)
the idea(s) the speaker is trying to communicate to a receiver (audience)
when the speaker creates or crafts the message
anything that distorts or distracts the message from being clearly understood
Internal (psychological/physiological): hunger, anxiety
External (physical noise):
cell phone, baby crying, nerf gun
the audience
audience interprets the message
Basically, you're going to communicate differently to different audiences
(ie: 8-year olds vs. 80-year olds)
the audience's response to a message
The process of sending and receiving messages,
occurring specifically when the message is understood
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