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Infrastructure Breakfast Briefing

No description

Catherine Leech

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Infrastructure Breakfast Briefing

RECESSION POPULATION GROWTH CLIMATE CHANGE Goal Start What keeps George awake at night? Just keeping pace with projected global GDP growth will require an estimated $57 trillion in infrastructure investment between now and 2030 [McKinsey] 21st century infrastructure The Infrastructure Challenge Government spending RED TAPE Foreign investment The Infrastructure (Financial Assistance) Act 2012 allows the Government to provide financial assistance of up to £50 billion in support of infrastructure investment, £40 bn of which are Gov-backed loans under the UK Guarantees scheme. Pension funds
Sovereign wealth funds Project finance:
Investment banks & insurance funds Looming energy gap!
Creaking infrastructure marred by years of under-investment!
Business lobby crying out for better infrastructure!
Foreign competition! Reliable transport, secure energy, resilient water and waste services, high speed broadband, smart cities... BASEL III SOLVENCY II According to the FT, "the combination of higher capital reserves and focus on addressing asset mismatches is undermining interest in large, longer-term project finance loans." http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/engineering_construction/mark_wiseman UK population is predicted to pass the 70million milestone in 2029, but growth is not evenly distributed. 2011: Govt. outlined top 40 priority infrastructure projects including Crossrail, Broadband UK, Smart Meters, HS2, Mersey Gateway Bridge, A14 and Thames Tideway Tunnel Spending vs. Loans Localism? GLA for Northern Line extension to Battersea Regulatory framework Macquarie Capital China Investment Corporation
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Resource scarcity A driver in two directions: climate stress and low carbon networks
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