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Copy of EDL/531 Coaching Plan

Week 6

Deonne Mitchell

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of EDL/531 Coaching Plan

Coming To Closure
Coaching Plan
Deonne Mitchell
June 10, 2013
Stephanie Moreno

Have Mr. McLemore self-reflect to determine individual areas for improvement.
Develop a statistical analysis to determine the percentage of students that do not receive a grade for the comprehensive research paper.
Based on the statistical analysis discuss how these students may have been negatively impacted by not receiving a grade on the assignment.
Review parent emails and student survey feedback for additional awareness opportunities
Assign a peer coach that works with honors students
to ensure understanding of high school honors level expectations.
Incorporate a mid-point review of the comprehensive paper to ensure direction is provided and individual expectations are set for each student.
Develop a grading scale to ensure all students receive grades for work completed.
Develop an understanding that although honors students have higher expectations they are not yet in college.
Meet weekly to discuss self-reflection and student survey results (when applicable).
Develop a future follow up plan after consistency has been established.
After implementing the developed action plan
Mr. McLemore will have a better vision of the expectations for honors level high school students. A realistic grading scale will be developed so that students can receive both feedback and grades for all assignments submitted. Ultimately, more students will pass the class and have the opportunity to maintain GPA's, obtain scholarships, and achieve future academic success. Most importantly Mr. McLemore will better know how to self-reflect and use both student feedback and teacher
observations to continue improving the
classroom success.
Create Awareness
Design An Action Plan
Mr. Evan McLemore
Establish Realistic
Goals And Objectives
Monitor Progress
Mr. McLemore has been teaching high school for twenty-two years in the
areas of government, free enterprise, and economics. He is currently teaching twelfth grade honors students who are required to complete a detailed research project. Unfortunately, students that do not meet the college level standards
that have been set also do not receive a grade for the project and therefore
may not receive a passing grade for the class. Although this assignment
is very challenging the students like and respect him. Mr. McLemore
ensures that the students are engaged and use
critical thinking skills throughout the class.
Document daily self-reflection and review weekly
Teacher Observations (Formal Assessment)
Develop a follow-up plan based on need
Student Surveys

Ensure understanding of high school honors level expectations and grading.
Enhance the opportunity for students to obtain a grade on the comprehensive paper.
University of Phoenix. (2011). Kelsey High School
[Multimedia]. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, EDL351 - Coaching and Mentoring website.
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