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No description

Karim Lebouc

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Introduction

Tracy Garrad,
Head of First Direct
I) The Firm
- Telephone and internet-based retail bank

- Reachable 24/7/365

- Founded in 1989 by the Midland Bank

- 1999 : Midland Bank acquired by HSBC
--> First Direct became a division of HSBC Bank

III) The Website

IV) One product of First Direct :
Credit Card
- "Classical" Credit Card

"Simply reliable"

0% on Balance Transfers for the first 27 months
£500 minimum credit limit (subject to status).
representative rate of 18.9% APR variable
no annual fee
- Gold Card

"Everyday prestige"

• 0% on Purchases for 17 months
• £500 minimum credit card limit (subject to status).
• representative rate of 16.9% APR variable
• no annual fee
Karen Walker,
Customer Services Director
Rebecca Dye,
Head of Social Media
- July 2001 : Offset Mortgage Branch

- Many services launched over the years :

- text message banking service

- First Directory

- etc....

I) The Firm
I) The Firm
Some Numbers :

- 1.25 million customers

- 3 000 employees

- 200 000 calls by week at the call centre

- Staff turnover : only 14%

IV) One product of First Direct :
Credit Card
An internet and phone based retail bank, without agencies, like First Direct, scares you or not?
II) Advertisement
II) Advertisement
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