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Edmodo: Flipping the music classroom

No description

Peter Briggs

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo: Flipping the music classroom

Edmodo The Flipped Music Classroom Features My Experience Reality Check Tech Needs EDMODO New School Old School LEARNING This is how WE learned: This is how today's teens learn: Engagement So how do we accomodate and adapt to meet the needs of 21st Century learners? Engage them in a format that is natural, fun and familar to them by integrating Edmodo into your classroom. New School Old School FLIPPED We spend time in class covering: What if we FLIPPED THE CLASSROOM Engagement Flipped Classroom is a form of blended learning which encompasses any use of technology to leverage the learning in a classroom, so a teacher can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing. This is most commonly being done using teacher-created videos that students view outside of class time. It is also known as backwards classroom, reverse instruction, flipping the classroom, and reverse teaching. classroom Theory
Playing tests
Managing Class
Lecture We expect students on their own to: Practice
Develop musical skills Tone
Interpretation AT HOME IN CLASS Initial Skill Development
Lower Order Thinking More rehearsal time
Ensemble skills
Higher Order Thinking A safe and secure platform for educators, students and parents. A place where students can collaborate with other students across the globe. Ed-WHAT? Edmodo is: Open-access
Open to public
Students can view inapproriate material
Upload images, documents, videos, and other multi-media
Web 2.0 Tools Teacher monitors all posts
Students cannot privately message each other
A special code is required to gain entry into the classroom
Secure Class = Group Create Stuff... Post, Allert, Assignment, Quiz, Poll Gradebook Online Storage the LIBRARY or BACKPACK Collaborative Discovery Insight Apps Planner THEORY PRACTICE INTERACTION TEST POSSIBILITIES TRAINING Almost NONE! Notes, Keyboard ID, Intervals, Ear Training, Scales, Chords, Key Signatures Student Voice Evidence Music History

Standards Portfolio
What do you think? Rehearsal
YouTube District Position Time, Time, Time Non-Participants in progress... Thanks..... ...any questions? A social platform similar to Facebook A place to store all your documents, videos, images, and other electronic media A space to post assignments and quizzes A blog where student dialogue is encouraged A place to collaborate with other educators and share resources. The Platform Navigation
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