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jade archer

on 7 May 2010

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EVALUATION 1. IN WHAT WYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS? The media product which I created challenges the forms and conventions of real media products in a number of ways and within different aspects of the product. The song on which my media product is based on is ‘The Brays - This Is It Now’ which was choose by my group as a whole. The genre of the song that we choose is Indie so I wanted to show real life conventions of music videos into my own. After looking over all the brainstorming of ideas me and my group planned out and analysing the audience feed back from the questionnaire we did I needed to somehow make my video reach its full potential by including a number of things. As the band, that we as a group choose, was more of a local band we felt we needed to make them recognisable to the audience. By doing so we felt we had to include them into the video; to do this we had to film the band playing live. We felt that involving the band in the video would be vital for the media product to work as well as we wanted. After playing the song a number of times and making notes each time we listened to the song we soon started to get a vision in our heads of what we needed to do. Firstly, we figured out what the story behind the song was, we interpreted into being a love/ hate relationship about a couple and in the end one of them leaves. We felt that we couldn’t just have the band playing throughout the whole of the song so to make it work we figured out we needed to involve a story in the song somehow. We explored the stereotypical love stories and wanted to keep it as simple of possible so not to confuse the audience, after doing this we needed to make sure all the conventions of a stereotypical love story would fit into the storyline that we planned. When thinking about my music product that I wanted produce I had a music video in the back of my head; Pink - Who Knew. Throughout the video it switches from the singer, Pink, singing and also a storyline. This is the music video I had throughout my head when planning my own video. The storyline in Pinks video also has a stereotypical love story running constantly through, however this love story is extreme and touches subjects like suicide. As the main part of my story was the breaking up in the relationship I choose to do the filming on a rainy wet day, which fitted in with the setting perfectly as it set the scene to how I wanted. The weather and location, along with other aspects of mise-en-scene were extremely good for representing the different emotions throughout the whole of my media product. I wanted to create a music video that was to the taste of everybody. I wanted my classmates to notice how we tried to include everything they voiced their opinions about when asked to do the questionnaire we gave them. By using Pink’s ’Who Knew’ video as my inspiration I also fount other bands that inspired me with the ideas I came up with. The Script was one of there, throughout most of their videos the band perform and sing whilst a storyline is being intertwines throughout. Due to the fact this was a media product for an A Level media class at a community college, we didn’t have the exact equipment we needed to carryout the filming of our products professionally. We fount this challenging the conventions of real media products in way that helped us but also disagreed with us at some points. The different angles the camera was held at, when filming certain points in my media product, helped portray the different emotions the actors were feeling, for instance, the close up on the girls face when she starts to cry shows how sad she is about the break up. If this shot was captured at an angle far away then we wouldn’t have been able to recognise the full extent of sadness in her face as we wouldn’t be able to see the tears. 2. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILARY TASKS? Before I started my ancillary products I choose to research a couple of each to see how I could go about it. Even though the magazine articles and digi pak was not exactly what I was going for when doing my own I still fount them extremely helpful. They bought characteristics that I needed to include in both products to my attention and without researching first I wouldn’t have put them in. It also showed me that I needed to relate the song to both the ancillary products when planning. I wanted my front cover of my digi pak to be simple but effective and stand out in its own way. I thought about the song a lot when planning my front cover and the story I got from listening to the lyrics. As I interpreted them for being about a love that had been lost and broken I wanted to, in a way, confuse the reader but also make them understand what I was trying to do. I decided to use a simple heart shape on a white background; i choose this to represent the love in the lyrics throughout the song. For the broken love I got from the lyrics I wrote a list of emotive words and placed them in the middle of the in different sized fonts for effect. By doing this I hope to mislead the buyer by making them take a closer look at the cover. I believe that the pictures and words that I choose relate to my video and the lyrics in the song. By creating my front cover for my album I wantetd to see how creative I could be so to make this happen I used Adobe Fireworks to edit and create the look I wanted to go for. When considering my magazine article the main thing I wanted to include on it was a picture of the band. I needed them to be recognisable when trying to promote my product and to make sure that by the time it was completed people knew who they were listening. When creating my magazine article I didn’t used to many effects or edit it to much as I didn’t want the article to seem cluttered and messy with to much to read. I wanted specific things to stand out, for instance the name of the band.
I believe that all 3 of my products, my music video, digi pak and magazine article combined together have the desired effect and relate to each other in a way that I’m happy with. I made sure the colours and fonts continued the whole way through each product to help keep schemes recognisable to the audience. 3. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK? The audience that I am aiming my product at is an age group of 16 - 24 year olds. The majority of people that would watch and analyse my product are members of my own class. I felt comfortable in the fact that knowing the feedback that I receive back from them will be honest and reliable and will help me a lot. The first step I took for getting audience feedback was creating a questionnaire for my fellow students to complete and hand back to me with their honest opinion. I gave this questionnaire out in the early stages of my planning to help me understand what type of aspects people what to see when watching a music video. I believe that feedback is an essential part of the development of any product and is vital if you want to make it reach its full potential. After filming and editing my media product, members of my group and I all watched each others media products. This helped us look for different things we may have missed and show us the major differences and similarities that we have between us. We also gave each other feedback about our films, some being positive and some being negative. By receiving negative feedback I fount his helped me when I decided to re edit my video as I made changes that I felt were significant to help it reach its full potential. I also showed my product to a handful of my media class and also a handful of non media students. By showing my product to non media students gives me an aspect of what’s missing from an audiences point of view. One main part of feedback that I got was how I managed to fit both the band and a storyline in my music video without it being to much. I was told that neither the band or storyline over powered one or the other and they seemed to compliment each other positively and worked well to make the music product work. One main thing I wish I took into more consideration was matching the lyrics with the bands singing. As the song was taken from a CD and put over my final media product the lip movement didn’t match the lyrics of the song. I highly regret this as it was a major part that I misjudged and without that my media product does not have all the conventions of a real product.
4. HOW DID YOU USE NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION, RESEARCH & PLANNING AND EVALUATION STAGES? I have used some kind of different technology the whole way through creating my media product. Every aspect of construction, research & planning and evaluation involved some kind of technology that would benefit me from using. Whilst planning and researching the internet was the main programme I went on whilst doing the theory part of the product. PREZI Prezi was used to keep all my planning stored. I needed somewhere to record all planning that was easy accessible at any time of the day I fount that Prezi.com could do just that. It was easy and simple to figure out how to use. After completion I had two different Prezi’s; one for my media planning and the other for my evaluation. I though I would do these separately so the evaluation would be there to read after all the planning and not get mixed up. GOOGLE I used Google to find different websites on certain things to help with my planning. I also used Google images to give me inspiration on different things to use on my ancillary products. It was extremely helpful when researching digi paks and magazine articles. Google led me to many different websites to help with my researching and planning at the beginning of my product. LONGROADMEDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM I fount that this website helped me a lot during my evaluation. it’s a blog from a media school that contains entries from pupils that had finished the same task that we still had to finish. Not only did it help me with my evaluation but also my planning, it gave me ideas about things that I needed to include but I also fount that other aspects were irrelevant to me. Youtube helped a lot by letting me research different music videos when I wanted to. It helped me by playing the video over and over again when deconstructing them and also by letting me get my inspiration from other videos of the same sort as the one im doing. YOUTUBE
The main part of creating the magazine article and digi pak was made in Adobe Fireworks. This is a programme which allows you to edit photographs and play around with different texts until you are happy with what you have created. Adobe Fireworks was one of two programmes which was used to great extent throughout my media product, the other one was Adobe premiere elements. Adobe premiere elements helped me with my editing and uploading process. This was the program I used to make the final touches to my product to make sure it was completed fully. During the filming process we used two cameras which were both Sony, DV cameras which took DV tapes. These cameras were not of the best make but they did the job just fine. The program itself didn’t take long to figure out; it was the second time using this program as it was well used last year so I had some idea of what I was doing. It allowed me to add effects to my product and cut and past any unwanted footage that I had. It also allowed me to change the colour of the film from which it was captured, I fount that this was extremely helpful as the use of this on the camera was not available. Facebook, the social networking site, also played a role in my media product. It allowed me to upload my product onto my page so I could get audience feedback from a wide number of people.
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