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Last week before AIMS!

No description

Stephanie Knorowski

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Last week before AIMS!

AIMS Portfolio
Student Self- Assessment
Organize your papers: study island printouts, essays, AIMS practice packets and single handouts.
Complete the self-assessment sheet.
Turn in to the class basket
AIMS Writing multiple choice practice
Complete the practice test.
Justify each of your answers.
You may use your punctuation handout.
Complete unfinished essays
Complete unfinished study island assignments.
Complete AIMS practice online reading test and turn in your score out of 270 points.
Read ch 25 & 26 of CTBC (quiz Friday)
Meet in lab 8105 tomorrow!
Quote of the Day 2-20-14
Last week before AIMS!
Quote of the day 2-18-14
Today's Agenda 2-19-14
Complete Assignments in study island:
6 - Subject Verb Agreement
6A - Functional Text AIMS Reading

Read ch. 25-26 of CTBC (quiz Friday)
Complete and turn in any essay or study island assignment you are missing!
Quiz Tomorrow on AIMS Vocabulary
Today's Agenda 2-20-14:
1. Literary Terms Matching Quiz

2. National Parks AIMS Practice

3. Letter AIMS Practice

Quote of the Day 2-21-14
Reminders before AIMS Reading:
1. Close Read every passage! (you can write in the test booklet. use highlighters to highlight key ideas!)

2. Always justify your answers to each multiple choice question.

3. Cross out the wrong answers.

4. Put your finger over the word "not" if it appears in a question.

5. Take short breaks between passages.

6. Take your time!

Reminders for AIMS Writing:
1. Close read the prompt and be sure that you know what you are writing ( 5 paragraph argument essay), who you are writing to, and what you are writing about.

2. When you see the word "write" in the prompt, circle it! This is the part of the prompt that tells you what to write about.

3. Brainstorm ideas with a circle map.

4. Group ideas in a tree map.

5. 8 sentences in each body paragraph (TS<SD<CM<CM<SD<CM<CM<CS)

6. Re-read your draft carefully!

7. Use the dictionary and the thesaurus!

8. Take your time!!!

General Test Taking Tips:
1. Go to bed early the night before your test.

2. Eat protein in the morning (eggs, oatmeal, breakfast sandwich, etc...) not sugar!

3. Find out which room you are testing in (list posted by the book store)

4. Bring a book to read when you are finished with the test (ex: Cry The Beloved Country).

5. Pace yourself, take breaks when you need to, relax (believe you can do it)!
CTBC Quiz ch 25 & 26:
1. "The parson was old, and his black clothes were green with age, and his collar was brown with age or dirt. He took off his hat, showing the whiteness of his head, and he looked startled and he was trembling" This passage is an example of which literary device?

a. symbol
b. imagery
c. allusion
d. metaphor
2. "For the voice has magic in it, and it has threatening in it, and its as though Africa itself were in it. A lion growls in it, and thunder echoes in it over black mountains." This passage is an example of which literary device?

a. assonance
b. onomatopoeia
c. personification
d. alliteration

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