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Livescribe 3

No description

AJ Kauffeldt

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Livescribe 3

Livescribe 3 Induction
How I am going to show this app
What it can do
Livescribe 3 sends your written notes from the paper and puts them on your device.
These notes can be changed from your hand writing into computer text
This app can also record what a person is saying while you are writing notes
The record message's location can be seen on the text that you wrote during the recording
When you click on the text that has the message it will read it out loud.
How it can be helpful
For students being able to record your teachers lessons while still taking notes
This will allow you to go back and listen to what your teacher was talking about as many times as you want
These notes can easily be brought up on the app while in a note book it is had to find your notes.
Being able to transform your hand notes into computer text will allow you to email your notes to yourself
My personal opinion
In my opinion this app is very helpful.
I have used it for most of my subjects but manly in English
Being able to transfer my school thoughts to a computer is helpful
On the down side it requires to many extra products to use it
Witch will cost allot of money
How to use
To use this app you will need the livescribe 3 pen and the special paper.
You must link the pen up to whatever device you are using
The pen links by using blue tooth to connected with your device
On the special paper their are different icons to control the app
To purchase the extra items you need go to Apple were they sell iPhones and other apple products
You can also purchase it by go to http://www.livescribe.com/en-us/smartpen/ls3/
What is the purpose of this app
This software is for taking notes and being able to transfer them over onto digital copies
It is also used to get people interested in new apple products
Who might benefit from it
Collage students that cant bring laptops into class
Student with good fast hand righting and slow tipping skills
People that cant catch every word the teacher is saying so they record him
People that don't have time to retype their notes onto a cheat sheet
Livescride 3
How to use this app
What its purpose is
What this app is capable of
How it is helpful
Who benefits from it
My personal opinion of the app
What devices it works on
The devices it
works on are
iPhone 4s and up
iPad 4 and up
iPad mini
From:AJ Kauffeldt
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