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Copy of JOT

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Anas Alabbadi

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of JOT

Training " volunteer work and its role in local community "
The Result:
The Ideal Class and The Little Volunteer
* YSC organized a training workshop at the City Hall in Amman Municipality in cooperation with the district Local Council / 25 young men and women participated.
* The workshop aimed to encourage voluntarily work in the local community.
* It provided trainings to build the volunteers' leadership and communication skills, and to motivate them to start initiatives .
* The workshop targeted the younger generation to contribute to its integration in the society by taking an active role.

We are group of young Jordanians. We Work under the umbrella of the Youth Spirit Center (YSC) that "believes in dialogue and social work to build bridges of understanding between Youth from different Cultures and Religious backgrounds, and to spread the culture of Peace and non-violence among them."
# Target age group: 14-16 years old.
# In a public School.
# Action Plan: 2013-2014 academic year
# Objective:
- To develop the
"ideal class,"
that produces the
"little volunteer,"
who will have the interest and the capacity
to lead
voluntary work, for the service and the development of the society and its citizens.
Our Mission
-To increase the youth active participation in the
society and ensuring the chances of youth quality
participation both locally and internationally.
-To concentrate on the youth initiatives as a base
for development.
-To promote the Jordanian example on
coexistence and diversity.
who are we ?
Who we are working with?
- Our target group are Young leaders between (10-35) years old, males & females, from all the governorates of Jordan without exceptions.
-Participants with physical, mental, or cultural challenges are encouraged and motivated to take part in our activities .
- Our participants concentrate on strengthen the concept of civil participation and voluntary work in the society.

- after the first workshop, it was time to apply what was learned.
- We had couple of meetings to find in which way we can help our community and according to our capacity.
- we narrowed the things that we can do, by setting priorities .
At the end, we had a clear vision about what we need, what we can, and what we will do
1 - introductory visit to put the idea to the school
2 - prepare Form evaluate "education and educational"
3 - introductory workshop on volunteerism in everyday life entertaining manner commensurate with the age group.
4 - Distribution of the first form
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