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A prezi about describing what I've understood about comedy from the movies I've seen and some from my analysis from past comedic movies or plays I've done.

Luigi Mananquil

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Comedy

Comedy Elements of a Good Comedy 1.) Humorous Characters and events
2.) It portrays possible situations in life, mostly in an exaggerated way. 3.) Has happy endings or endings that are unexpected.
4.) Bad guys come out as good or better persons, or beaten in the end. Formulas for Comedy 1.) main character -> great fortune or luck 2.) a mean character -> kind or better person 3.) main character -> misfortune confessions of a shoppaholic she's out of my league american pie movies anger management(adam sandler) as good as it gets (jack nicholson) bedtime stories come true(adam sandler) scary movie(parody movies) vampire sucks disaster movie epic movie for me this is the best type of comedy film. The Best Formula For Comedy
(for me) Amelie For me, the best formula for a comedy film is a mean, main character who ends up being taught a lesson by realizing how hard life is and turns out to be a good person, and surprisingly most comedy films that I like goes with that formula, they save and makes damsels in distress fall in love with them. I also think it is the best formula because it emphasizes on a person's change of heart which is ironic because most of them started out as a bad person you would never expect to turn out to be good! :) mean at first but becomes a good person and falls for a beautiful lady which is also a factor that changed him! kind & beautiful lady who is a great factor on why the main character changes, mostly stirs up trouble.
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