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Marie Antoinette

A timeline presentation of Marie Antoinette

Supriya Weiss

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Marie Antoinette

The Life, Laughs, and Losses of Marie Antoinette "Let Them Eat Cake!" Background Born in Vienna, Austria
November 2, 1755
Daughter of Frances I, Holy Roman Emperor, and Empress Maria Theresa of Austria
15th of 16 children (8th daughter)
Baptized with name "Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna"
Later went by Marie Antoinette
"Antonia" by family An Uneducated Archduchess?!? WAS educated
Began 1760
Tutor was not adequate
Later led to accusations of stupidity
Actually grasped concepts well
Primarily religious and moral principles
Brothers - academic Born November 2, 1755 1760: Began Education 1757 - 1763 Seven Years' War Early Childhood Hofburg Palace, Vienna
Relaxed atmosphere
Dressed in commoner's attire
Encouraged to play with "common" children
Never alone, so never lonely
Loved riding
Maria Carolina
Played harpsichord, spinet, clavichord, harp (Gluck)
7 Year's War 1765: Death of Emperor Francis I
Death of Louis-Ferdinand
Engagement to Louis-Auguste XVI Destined to be Queen France - alliance with Austria
Louis Auguste XVI next in line
Younger brother of Louis Joseph Xavier
Louis XV
Arranged engagement
Antoinette - 10 yrs
Louis XVI - 11 yrs 1761: Death of Archduke Louis Joseph Xavier 1768: Louis XV sends tutor Return of the Uneducated Louis XV sends tutor
Wants future dauphine educated
She was "more intelligent than has been generally supposed," but added that since "she is rather lazy and extremely frivolous, she is hard to teach." 1770: Marriage to Louis XVI Out with the Old,
In with the New Escorted by 57 carriages, 117 footmen, 376 horsemen
Stopped 1/2 way to France
Forced to get rid of everything from Austria
Wedding - May 16, 1770
Unhappy with marriage
Antoinette - "social butterfly", flamboyant
Louis XVI - introvert, timid 1774: Death of King Louis XV
Coronation of King Louis XVI 1778: Birth of Marie Therese Charlotte 1785: Diamond Necklace Scandal Lure of the Diamond Necklace Jeweler made 2800 carat necklace
Tried to sell to Louis XVI for Antoinette
Antoinette told him not to
Countess de Lamotte (criminal) found out
Convinced disliked duke to buy it
Gave it to Antoinette's "butler"
Was really fiancee of criminal
Criminal sold pieces of necklace
Made a lot of money
Duke put in jail
Anger at Antoinette 1786: Begins Construction of Hameau de la Reine Hameau de la Reine: The Great Accomplishment Tired of life in Palace of Versailles
Got permission from Louis XVI to build Hameau de la Reine
Near the Petit Trianon in Versailles
Spent weeks on end there
Only let intimate friends to visit
Louis XVI himself rarely visited 1788: French Revolution begins Igniting the Fire July 14
500 men of the working class
Storm Bastille prison for arms & ammunition

October 6
10,000 people outside Palace of Versailles
Demand king & queen be brought to Paris
Antoinette and Louis XVI brought to Tuileries Palace
Louis - Indecisive
Antoinette - Sent letters to other monarchs
http://www.biography.com/people/louis-xvi-9386943/videos/louis-xvi-origins-of-the-french-revolution-17754179739 1791: Trying to Escape the Inevitable No Way Out 1791 - (June)Antoinette & lover, Count Axel von Fersen, lieutenant in Spain, hatch escape plan
Captured & returned to Paris
(September) Louis agree to uphold new constitution drafted by Constituent National Assembly in return for maintaining at least
symbolic power June
Count Axel von Fersen
Fersen & Antoinette hatch escape plan
Captured & returned to Paris

Louis XVI agrees to uphold new constitution
In return, maintains symbolic power
Drafted by Constituent National Assembly 1792: Monarchy abolished End of a Dynasty Summer
War with Austria & Prussia
Maximilien de Robespierre
Called for removal of King

Month of terrible massacres in Paris
National Convention abolishes monarchy
Declares France a republic
Arrests Louis XVI & Antoinette January 1793: Death of King Louis XVI Widowed Queen Early January
Louis XVI put on trial
Convicted of treason
Proven guilty
Sentenced to death

January 21, 1793
Louis XVI dragged to guillotine
Executed October 1973: Death of Marie Antoinette End of the Road October
Reign of Terror
Murder of thousands

October 14
Antoinette accused of treason & theft
All-male jury

October 15
Wrote to sister-in-law Elizabeth
"I am calm, as people are whose conscience is clear."

October 16
Priest tells her to have courage
"Courage? The moment when my ills are going to end is not the moment when courage is going to fail me."
Executed at the guillotine Clashing Personalities Antoinette now 19-year-old queen
Not good for King Louis XVI

Louis enjoyed:
-Time alone

Marie enjoyed
-Extravagant fashions 1785: Birth of Louis XVII 1781: Birth of Louis Joseph 1786: Birth of Sophie Helene Beatrix
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