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Edexcel GCSE Additional Science P2

A concept map of the P2 Unit: Physics for Your Future

Michael Lingard

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Edexcel GCSE Additional Science P2

Edexcel GCSE
Additional Science Fission
Fusion Static
and Current
Electricity Momentum,
Work and
Power Radioactive
Materials Controlling
and Using
Current Motion
and Forces P2: Physics for
your Future Charge Current Structure
of atom electrons charging induction attraction
repulsion earthing dangers
uses Q = I x t p.d. Resistance Power voltmeter ammeter d.c.
a.c. R = V / I P = I x V V-I characteristics lamp
resistor LDR
thermistor heating
effect energy E = I V t Motion Forces displacement-time
graphs velocity-time
graphs vectors
scalars resultant
forces velocity
speed distance
travelled acceleration a = (v-u) / t F = m a Momentum balanced forces
(zero resultant) stationary moving "action
reaction" W = m x g terminal
velocity Work Energy GPE Vehicles
Distance KE Power P = E / t F = (mv - mu) / t Law of conservation
of momentum "Collision
safety" the Joule W = F x d Ionisation Nuclear
structure Isotopes Stable Unstable Radioactivity Ionising
Radiation alpha
gamma ionising

power Fission Fusion practical
source? chain
reaction reactor moderator control rods waste products background
radiation sources radioactive decay half life uses of
materials dangers of
radioactive materials change in scientific
understanding smoke alarms
irradiating food
sterilising equipment
thickness monitoring
medical diagnosis
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