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Abhav Avgun

No description

Pranali Shah

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Abhav Avgun

Abhav Avgun
Jaga Bhagat
Bhagatji Maharaj
Quick Activity

When we're focused on looking for one thing, we become blind towards other things even when they're right in front of our face.

4 Steps to Solving
Read satsang books regularly
Keep the mind busy
Pray to Maharaj and Swami
"Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan"
4 M's by Yogi Bapa
Milan - keep company

Madat - help

Maafi - forgive and forget

Mahima - realize greatness
WHY Cont'd...
Lack of Introspection:
Nirantar sarva kriyaamaa paachhu valine jovu je, maare Bhagwaan bhajvaa chhe ne hu shu karu chhu em joyaa karavu.
Gadhada 1-20:
“agnãni maa atishe agnãni, ghelã mã atishe ghelo, murakh mã atishe murakh, ane nich mã atishe nich”

Ego: aham (I-ness) and Mamatva (my-ness)
Alaiya Khachar

Jealousy: Jiva Khachar

Lack of Divyabhav
Why do we take abhav avgun?
Jumping to Conclusions

Taking Sides

Wanting to Improve Others All the Time

Not Clear on Our Goal

Looking Critically
Saband no Mahima
Other POV
Importance of seeing the good
Positive thinking
Importance of smiling
Avoiding gossip
Success Stories
Solving Abhav Avgun
Harm ourselves
Gadhada 1-31: “Whosoever takes abhãv avgun, their mind becomes a breeding ground for evil (maya).”

Destruction of the Soul
Gadhada 3-22: he would rather chop off his own arm than take abhãv avgun of his haribhakto
Yogi Bapa says “Taking avgun is like drinking poison.”
Loya 1- when we take abhãv avgun, we are literally cutting off our head.
Gadhada 1-71: “God forgives all other mistakes, but he does not forgive the mistake of spiting a devotee of God. Therefore, one should never harm a devotee of God in any way whatsoever.
Mahant Swami

Yogi Bapa: "Maare to ekaj sidhant - koi no avgun nai levu"
Satya, hit ne priya evu vachan bolvu ne upekshaa rahit bolvu pan aagrahthi vachan kahevu nahi.
“If one brings one lakh rupees, but if he finds faults in others, I do not like him; whereas if there is another person who sleeps and eats all day and looks at the positive side of everyone, then I will do his seva.” - Gunatitanand Swami

“If everyone would stop this and focus on the positive points, I would stay on this earth for 50 more years.” - Yogi Bapa

1. What is abhãv avgun?
2. What are some of the reasons why we find abhãv avgun in others?
3. What are the detriments of finding abhãv avgun? What has Maharaj said about it in the Vachanamrut?
4. What is P.P. Swamishri’s solution to abhãv avgun?
5. What will Satsang reading and praying to Maharaj help us realize?
6. Who are some shining examples of success who did not take abhãv avgun of others?
7. What did Gunatitanand Swami and Yogiji Maharaj say they would do if devotees did not find abhãv avgun?
Recap Questions
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