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2nd Comm final option

No description

Leah Rosser

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of 2nd Comm final option

Media Mix Main idea Pro's for Glidden:
>Mold and Mildew resistant
>Will not Fade
>Good stain resistance
>Excellent dry time

Con's for Glidden:
>Employees are not experts
>Paint is not advertised through Walmart
>Small variety of paint and colors
Swot Analysis:
>Strengths: Open 24/7, attracts unintentional buyers, low prices, only brand of paint at Walmart.
>Weaknesses: People dont think of Walmart as a paint store, Lack of paint employees, Paint is not advertised through walmart.
>Opportunities: Walmart can sell more since open 24/7, More Walmart centers than Home debots or Lowes.
>Threats: Lack of advertising of Glidden at Walmart, Other companies have paint specialists as employees, not a wide variety at walmart. Interview: DIY painter *When people buy they want a one coat coverage and not have to repeat several coats that in the end will take hours.
*Customers want to know what Walmart has to offer!
*Why pay more!
*Knowing that if I saw something that said "same good quality" and its at Walmart, I would go for it.
*Cost is an IMPORTANT Factor! Glidden at Walmart oh did you see that Walmart ad Yea its such a great idea no kidding! I was wanting to repaint my room You should totally do that Next time I am at Walmart I am going to look at colors What color do you have in mind? I do not know yet * The Facebook ad: We included a Facebook ad because there are a total of 1.2 billion members on the website. People use it as a mean of communication, and is part of everyday life.
* We chose "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine because it targets audiences solely looking to make creative improvements inside and outside of their home. Positively Purple Pretty in Pink Mocha Latte Colorado Sky Evergreen Garden Thank You for Your Time! Remember Leah Rosser, Rebecca Sussdorf, Westley Lenertz, Mariah Powell
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