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The Others

No description

Stein Sothiratnam

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Others

The Others
Central Metaphor
Central Tension
Midlife Crisis - Spence is 42
Tension with himself (man vs. self)
He is able to notice what happens to other people due to his heightened precision (death/aging related)
He can’t recall deceased people from his past, which contrasts with his "precision" and is a foreign experience to him
Who are "The Others"?
The people he sees represent the changes he's afraid of, which are aging & death; the people remind him of deceased people that he has once known
He dreads that one day he’ll look like them (hence the acute remarks on their appearance)
Dominant Motifs
Conflict Resolution
Rather than ignoring The Others, like at the beginning, he starts to observe them and and become more inquisitive
By the end of the story, Spence submits to his curiosity and follows the Others
Taking a different route - literally
“He’d taken a slightly different route that day”
Uncomfortable of change (out of comfort zone)
He sees another Other every time he decides to deviate from his schedule
Minor changes in his schedule ultimately lead to questioning of his sanity
Taking a new route
Honeycomb/bee references
“Lost sight of the man in a swarm of pedestrians”
“Her manner was mirthful; nervous bustling energy crackled about her like invisible bees”
“Beneath the city’s paved surface was a honeycomb of tunnels”
Approaching death
He describes the people he sees as skinny and liverish
Fuzzy memory
“...an old photograph about to disintegrate into its elements”
“teasingly familiar, but strange...
The Others
Stein Sothiratnam
Rajat Patel
Maggie Liu
Winnie Wu
Hillary Ngai
Edward Verne Amagsila Calderon Roque De la Paz Sarmientu Macapagal Bundalien Tolentino
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