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Confucious' Impact on China


Catherine Spitzer

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Confucious' Impact on China

Confucious' Impact on China Confucious Evidence 1:
Confucious believed that everybody
should be loyal to their families,
leaders, and teachers. Thesis: Sophisticated, wise Confucious
had a huge impact on china. Analysis 1:
When ever people would pray with their families,
they would have topray firstto teir Grandparents,
then to their parents, then to their teachers, then to
their siblings, then finally to their community members.

Evidence 2:
After Confucious died,
his ideas caught on immdiatly
and got written down andput into
a book. Analysis 2:
Since people thought so highly of confucious,
they put all of his ideas in a book after he died.
The book was mostly filled with information that he had thought his students, and family memebers. Evidence 3:
Government today is now
based on Confucianism. Analysis 3:
When Confusious died, the Han dynasty
had just gone into power. They made Confucianism their official
policy, and ever since then, They havve kept confucianism as a major
part of Chinese culture and education. Evidence 4:
The Han dynasty made Confucianism
the official policy. Analysis 4:
By this happening, it shows how
big of an impact Confucious had on
The people of the Han Dynasty. Evidence 5:
Confucious really believed
in dedication. Analysis 5:
Confucious let kids go to
school even if they couldn't afford
it. As long as the students were dedicated
to learning from Confucious he would
let them attend his school. Finisher:
As you can see, Confucious
had a huge impact on Chinese history
back then and today. Even now, Confucianism
is a very big part in both culture and education.
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