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Galileo Galilei

No description

Rosie A

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei
The telescope

The telescope still helps us today all around the world. The telescope can let us see all the planet all day long.

The telescope was invented by Galileo Galilei.
Galileo was born in Italy, 15 February 1564, Pisa, Duchy of Florence

Galileo died 8 January 1642 (aged 77)
Arcetri, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Italy
Galileo went to University at the University of Pisa (1581–1585)

Galileo went to an unknown school
Galileo was famous in the newspaper because of his invention by many people.

He was the first of six children born
He has no middle name
The telescope is now made in different sizes
His dad helped Galileo in the making of the telescope

He influenced many scientists to look up and see the planets trough his creation of the telescope. This telescope help modern technology to study the planets and discover new planets, solar systems and comets (asstrods)
Born on February 15, 1564, in Pisa, Italy, Galileo Galilei was a mathematics professor who made pioneering observations of nature. He also constructed a telescope which supports a sun-centered solar system. Galileo was accused twice by the church for his beliefs, and wrote books on his ideas. He died in Arcetri, Italy, on January 8, 1642
His Father
Birth: Around 1520 in Santa Maria a Monte
Death: 1591

His Mother
Birthplace: Pisa, Tuscany, Italy
Death: Died 8月 1620

His Brothers and sisters
All were unknown or Buried in Pisa, Italy

1. What did Galileo discover
A telescope
B mars
C car
2.What year did Galileo die
A 1564
B 1563
C 1600
3. How many brothers and sisters does Galileo have?
A 6
B 7
C 8
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