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Physics of Lacrosse

No description

Jake Maxwell

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Physics of Lacrosse

Physics of Lacrosse By: Jake Maxwell Work Power Torque Force Velocity Kinetic Energy Potential Energy Projectile Rotation History History Cont. Rules Rules Cont. Unique Facts Unique Facts Cont. Records Records Cont. LAX Video Another LAX Video Conclusion The amount of force that you throw the ball over a certain distance. The work that is done in the time it takes to score The force that is applied when your arm (lever arm) is used to throw the ball The force is how much energy it takes to throw the ball. How far the ball travels at a certain speed When the ball is thrown it changes from potential energy to kinetic. When the ball is just sitting in the lacrosse stick it has potential energy As the ball is thrown in the air it becomes a projectile The ball as it is throw is also rotating, thus it has rotation. Native Americans started it to resolve minor conflicts that werent worth going to war for The field has to to be 60 yards wide or 53 yards if you are using a football field and 120 yards long. Girls also play lacrosse Pual Rabil holds the record for the fastest throw is 111 mph No pushing in the back
No slashing
No helmet to helmet
No hits to the head or neck
Properly worn equipment
1 goalie, 3 defenders, 3 offenders, and 3 mid fielders. Also playing lacrosse is a spiritual act used for healing and giving thanks to the "Creator" Its know as the fastest sport on two feet. John Hopkins school has the record for most all time wins (924) and national titles (44) Most points in a career goes to Zach Greer from Duke/Bryant with 343 points The number of championships won in major leauge lacrosse is 6 by the Philidelphia Wings Oldest game in North America 1876 Queen Victoia endorsed a lacrosse game in Windsor, England Lacrosse - a sport that requires speed, strength, agility, and endurence. One of the best sports today. P=F/A W=mg T=FL F=ma V=d/t KE=1/2mv^2 Also when the player is throwing the ball they are also rotating their body
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