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Expanding our Global Consciousness- Service Learning

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Maggie Chumbley

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Expanding our Global Consciousness- Service Learning

Cali, Colombia
Colorado Springs, CO
Engagement in global and community issues provide a platform to develop global skills.
Expanding Our Global Consciousness
Engagement in global and community issues provide a platform to develop global skills.
Global scholarship necessitates community engagement
"I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me." -Terence (Roman writer).
Colorado Springs, CO
Cali, Colombia
Why do we go global?
We want students to expand their awareness....
presenting challenging information to think critically about.
Service Learning Food Drive=
a look into global hunger and food systems.
putting real faces on people in faraway places No more “those people over there”.
Find foreign and global connections in community
Helps develop a worldview
we have complex global problems that need creative and culturally sensitive solutions.
developing both a micro and macro perspective means that any issue has a larger shared story.
We Are All Interdependent
carbon emissions from cars on U.S. freeways contribute to heated atmosphere on the planet. China's coal burning pollution comes across the Pacific. Competing access to clean water leads to wars between African countries.
drug trade ...
global trade...
Students need this understanding about interconnectedness.

Act Local
Being informed is a prerequisite for thoughtful action.
Act Local to Go Global

Act with global partners

Act Local
Learn about a related global issue
Act on related global issue
"Think Globally"
What's on your global mind?
Making ‘the other’ real.
Annabel Smith
As one Senior already into Yale put it to me nearly ten years ago, “
I don’t even know if there are roads in Africa.”
"Smart young people from all over the world are sick of feeling stupid"
What is a globally minded educator?
What are your biggest challenges to global consciousness?
How do we increase our global awareness?
Makes the Abstract Concrete
Enhances Critical Thinking
Act Local
September 2008
Linda Lorimer

What's necessary to prepare students to be global citizens in a global workplace:

Experience of other cultures

Far greater awareness, and humility

Global knowledge embedded in all subjects and all courses, and not only electives, but also foundation courses

An agreed body of knowledge / skills that students must know before they graduate

The ability to make comparisons and cross-references;
knowing other peoples stories.
while working with local hunger, read about hunger caused by the drought in India
while collecting food, contribute rice to communities in need
increase awareness of international hunger issues, students partner with
Oxfam International
to sponsor a hunger banquet that simulates world hunger statistics.
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