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Topnotch modalities, first-class service

PCAARRD and the expansion of technical and scientific information

Marielle Javier

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Topnotch modalities, first-class service

PCAARRD and the expansion of
technical and scientific information Topnotch modalities,
first-class service The demand and supply of information The tremendous flow of information in S&T is of paramount concern
PCAARRD ensures that relevant and timely information reaches its intended clients Going with the flow Development of modalities for effective and efficient delivery of information thru IEC and ICT PCAARRD's IEC Program Synthesizes and processes information and technologies generated through completed and ongoing S&T activities of the NAARRDN
Quick Information Dispatch (QID), news and feature releases, publications, exhibits Recipients of IEC materials Regional partners and network
LGUs, NGOs and POs, FITS Centers, media, walk-in clients, netizens
Legislators and policy makers ICT Component PCAARRD uses up-to-date ICT tools in:
the development of info systems, databases and websites
network and infrastructure PCAARRD Portal Serves as a doorway to information services and linkages
Commodity Information Networks
Industry Strategic S&T Plans
Latest S&T news, events and activities
Message Board
Uses an open source content management system, RSS feeds Accessible anytime, anywhere All web-based sites and info systems are accessible 24/7
Good network connection is one of the key factors for the successful promotion of its ICT initiatives PCAARRD Message Board an online discussion board that enables the interaction of experts, commodity specialists and practitioners in the AANR sectors
moderators (from TRDs) are designated to control the flow of discussions
Total visits for 2012: 1,270,574 Statistics as of January 2013 Total number of registered users: 12,752
Total number of topics: 4,680
Total number of posts: 65,695 Social Networking sites PCAARRD has joined the bandwagon to reach a more diverse audience
Facebook, Google+, Twitter PCAARRD SMS Capitalizing on the popularity of text messaging
Farmers as its target clients
Subscribers can inquire and receive answers within 48 hours
Broadcast livestock and vegetable prices, and weather forecasts from PAGASA PCAARRD envisions to make the Message Board available through mobile.

Moreover, the agency seeks partnership with DOST IV-A in addressing issues on climate change mitigation to further improve the service. Linkages Collaboration with major partners (e.g., consortia) to ensure that information are properly collected and disseminated
Provision of ICT trainings to equip staff with ample knowledge and skills to assist them in the advancement of PCAARRD's initiatives Future Directions Thank you. PCAARRD Mail (pcaarrd@pcaarrd.dost.gov.ph)
PCAARRD Portal (http://www.pcaarrd.dost.gov.ph)
Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/dost.pcaarrd)
Twitter (http://twitter.com/dostpcaarrd)
Google+ (http://gplus.to/dostpcaarrd)
PCAARRD SMS (0917-PCARRD8) Number of followers The PCAARRD Message Board also provides opportunity for e-business Aside from IEC campaigns, PCAARRD also employed ICT tools to effectively manage and deliver the volume of S&T information generated Information systems Developed management systems on R&D and technology using open source software
Systems are accessible online through the PCAARRD Portal
Captured data are processed into knowledge and disseminated through IEC materials and the web
Clients include researchers, students, entrepreneurs, policy makers Corporate Mail Dissemination of news and announcements
Respond to client inquiries
Statistics as of December 2012:
199 official e-mail accounts
2,409 legitimate mails received Network and Infrastructure To deliver our services:
PCAARRD has a broadband connection (4Mbps) utilizing the PREGINET infrastructure
Has a separate broadband connection dedicated to Internet browsing (to prevent browsing traffic to interfere with information services delivery) An integrated knowledge management system linking various information resources.

A portal that is available and accessible across different platforms.

Tablet-based applications for information systems/databases.

Open access to this wealth of knowledge for easy adoption of available technologies. Total number of visits for 2012: 413,198
Average volume of visitors per month: 34,433 Catered to 26,312 recipients who received 179,072 copies in different forms (2012) Network and Infrastructure High-quality servers and a separate server room with efficient cooling system to enable 24/7 delivery of services
Use of Open-source operating systems and component software to minimize software expenses (allowing us to evaluate as many software as we can to determine which ones are the best for production environments)
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