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Are Grades Accurate

English I Search

lizzy tanous

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Are Grades Accurate

My I-Search Presentation A's to F's: the Truth Behind The Grade Book Are grades even accurate?? Alternate Ways to Grade.. The age old process of letter grading is neither efficient nor beneficial because it is not consistent, it inhibits the learning environment, and it may include various components that do not relate to overall intelligence. School has become about getting the grade rather than actually learning. What I Discovered.... Ever gotten a bad grade because your teacher just was not a good teacher? Ever gotten a bad grade because you turned in a paper late? What is the true purpose of school?

Educational Purposes only?? So this ultimately leads to... Instead of report cards, some schools have tried portfolios showcasing work at the start of the semester and then work at the end of the semester. Grades are then based solely on improvement. My research led to.... Every single person in the world is and does things differently, so naturally ....
Teachers are going to teach/ distribute grades differently. Grades often include aspects that do not relate to overall intelligence. Ever been so stressed out you forget everything you studied and fail a test? I believe that the grading system unintentionally has lessons character building "built in". A teacher in California offers different options when a student bombs a test...
a) do an experiment to show understanding of the topic
b) talk to the teacher about the topic to show understanding
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