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Introduction to Downsizing

No description

Seth Keil

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Downsizing

Legal Concerns
Best Practices
Downsizing Methods
Employee Concerns
What is Downsizing
What are the Legal Concerns?
What are Employee Concerns?
Downsizing methods
Best Practices
Be transparent

Treat laid-off employees with respect and sensitivity

Ensure procedures are just and fair

Give employees options

Give survivors a reason to stay and new hires a reason to join

Examine the impact of downsizing on all HR Systems
The intentional reduction in the size
of a workforce at all staffing levels,
to survive a downturn, improve
efficiencies, or become a more
attractive candidate for acquisition
or merger.*
Discrimination laws
Other issues: Retaliation, worker' compensation claims, EEOC claims, poor doumentation, inadequte document retention, employees protected by whistleblower laws, and badly crafted severance agreements and waivers.

Voluntary Termination

Early Retirement Incentives

Compulsory Termination
Focus on Productivity
Work with managers
Offer counseling
Get consulting help
Survey your employees
Don't drag it out
Post your layoff criteria
Be aware of people who are "overworking"
Work more closely with the union
by Seth Keil
Towson University Human Resources Development
Introduction to Downsizing
*Source: Businessdictionary.com
Make your CEO more visible
Hold managers accountable
Eliminate work
Develop smoke detectors
Don't freeze all hiring
Counseling Survivors
Consider the family
Consider the HR people
Global staff
Increase the tools
Violence in the workplace
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