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"Til I've Done All I Can"

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Anna Nuzzolese

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of "Til I've Done All I Can"

In 2011, Michelle Moravec, Ph.D., discovered a scrapbook left behind at Bryn Mawr College by Alma A. Clarke. Clarke, an auxiliary nurse at Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) documented her work throughout World War I.

How It All Began....
From holiday menus to lists of the wounded, Clarke paid attention to every detail of the Great War, leaving a unique token of remembrance. Due to the large amount of materials within the scrapbook, students decided to "remix" the content, forming smaller thematic scrapbooks.

Alma A. Clarke
As the daughter of famous painter Thomas Shield Clarke, Alma's travels and work during the Great War were frequently a topic of discussion in society columns. However, if not for her scrapbooks, Clarke's war experience most likely would have faded into oblivion.

The Centennial
With the Centennial quickly approaching, Moravec and her students hope to not only publicize Clarke's story, but also the various stories intertwined within her experiences to honor and represent the thousands of lives that were lost during the Great War, while simultaneously allowing the public a hands on view to one of the most significant and widely-known periods of international history.

The Story of
Alma A. Clarke
"Til I've Done All I Can"

Various pages from Clarke's French
scrapbook, Courtesy of Bryn Mawr Archives
The Stories Within the Story
Experience the story at clarke.rdigitalh.org
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