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Native Americans: Then and Now

A look at Native American culture, language, food, and government; past and present.

Emily Rafford

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Native Americans: Then and Now

By: Emily Rafford Native Americans: Past and Present PAST PRESENT Culture Language Food Language Past: Past:
grains Present:
fresh veggies
grocery shopping Present: cell phone
the word "chipmunk" was adopted from the Algonquin
Government Past: FOOD smoke signals
drawings Present: the moms elected the right men to run their tribe
elders played a big role in how things were run we elect people for our government both men and woman can vote Culture Past
Native American children in the past did things similar to what we do now like playing with other children , go to school , and help around the house
They also played lacrosse Present
today's children play video games, text their friends, and watch TV.
children today also play football, volleyball and basketball. Shelter Past
In the past, Native Americans lived in longhouses. Present
today we live in modern apartments and houses. Tribes Past
tribes stuck together and protected each other
there were 30 different tribes like:
tribes are like families because we stick together and protect each other
we also celebrate family traditions. Source: ssdstudent.net Source: library.thinkquest.org Source: picture-indian.com Source: foxcharlotte.com Source: adventure.howstuffworks.com Source: samsung.com
Source: nebraskastudies.org Source: arich08.wordpress.com Source: bigorrin.org I hope you liked it!
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