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No description

Jennifer Luong

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Water

Once, high up in the clouds, a raindrop was being born.
Now it was just a normal water molecule, not any more special or different, just smaller. But what this little drop didn't know, was that she
was about to go on the journey of her life.
The Legend of A
Water Drop That Traveled
The World
by Jennifer Luong and Sienna Robinson

Her name was
Adria and she was so confused about where she belonged. Up in the clouds everyone was sour and rotten to her. She felt like she was all alone. Everyone made fun of her because she was smaller than all of them. It seemed liked they would never see her good qualities. Every single tortured day of her life seemed to get steadily grayer and grayer.

One day, Adria woke up to find that she wasn't in her cloud anymore. Then, she realized that she was tumbling through the sky. Rays of sunlight started sparking through her, creating a spectrum of colors. Adria couldn't believe that she could be part of something so beautiful. Suddenly, she felt herself grow cold.
Adria had frozen into a tiny ball of ice. When she crashed into `the ground, she split right through the middle. Other pieces of hail had gathered around her, and they laughed and pointed. Adria started crying and crying and wouldn't stop, no matter how much she wanted to.
When Adria woke up the next morning, she realized that she had cried so much that she had turned into a puddle of water! Adria laid there, not knowing what to do, or how to continue. Just then, more melted hail flew down the mountain slope. They were large, rugged, and strong. They didn't take notice of Adria, and swept her down with them. With one big push, they turned her into surface runoff and sent her rolling down the mountain.
Adria rushed down the mountain haphazardly and landed into a babbling stream. Adria was so exhausted from her long journey that she just let the stream carry her along.
When Adria woke up, the stream was roaring. It got larger and larger and continued tumbling with no end. Adria felt frightened and started to weep. All the water from her tears were making the stream rise higher and higher. Then, all of a sudden, Adria burst out of the stream and onto the ground.
Before she was able to move, Adria felt herself sink into the deep mud. At first, she was worried. She had never been stuck in the ground before! But then she noticed the sense of calm in the sticky mud, and let herself turn into ground water. The craziness of the waterfall and the river had really taken a toll on her. Since Adria saw no harm, she let herself sink deeper into the earth. It was cool and dark. Just then, THUD!
Adria felt herself slam into something hard. Then whatever she hit started moving. It scooped her and and threw her in with many other water drops. They rose higher and higher until Adria could spot a bright light shining down on her.Before she could come to her senses and figure out what was going on, she was thrown into yet another container. In the bucket, she felt herself being tossed and turned. It took all her strength to keep from throwing up.
Adria was turned over and tossed right out of the bucket. She was being used to water a plant. She landed on a flower, but quickly bounced off, and sunk into the ground yet again. Right after, she started traveling up strange roots, and docked in a leaf. "Hey! What's your name?", said the leaf. "Stop talking! I'm trying to make glucose right now, and I can't concentrate with your babbling!", said another leaf. "Ignore her.", said the first leaf. "My name is Summer."
"Where are we?" asked Adria.
"Well, we're part of a plant, of course! I'm a leaf!" replied Summer. Summer's warm demeanor was greatly appreciated by Adria; she was so glad to be rid of the taunts and teases of the other water droplets. Adria was content on staying in this plant. It was nice and comfortable, plus she had someone to talk to. Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted up into the air again.

"What's happening to me?", cried Adria.
"Don't worry!", Summer said with a smile. "This happens sometimes. You're being transpired. Good luck!"
Adria kicked and tried to stay in the flower. But no matter what she did, nothing was stopping her from transpiring into the cloud. With one last half-hearted kick, her short-lived happiness sunk and disapeared completely.
A week passed by in the cloud, but Adria didn't even care to notice. Normally, she would be alarmed at the lack of teasing, everything getting colder, and everything slowing down, but it didn't seem to matter. It started raining, but she didn't even care, the process was all too familiar for her. She then landed on a glacier and froze.
Adria was trapped in the iceberg. Everything seemed to be at a standstill, except for the steady gliding of the glacier. Adria was held inside, squished with everyone else. She couldn't move, but even if she could, she felt like there was a force dragging her down, keeping her from bouncing around like she usually did. It was cold, much to cold for her liking.
Many depressing, slow months later, Adria started sublimating into the atmosphere. She knew of the journey she would have to take again, but knew that it couldn't possibly be worse than what she had already endured. She was actually looking forward to the anguish inflicted by the other water drops in the cloud. It was better than the constant freeze.
Adria went by days in the cloud, ignoring everyone and everything around her. Once again, everything became grayer and grayer.
"Oh no." she muttered. "What's going to happen now?" Suddenly, Adria started falling at crazy speeds. She landed into a large sea with a great splash. Awaiting the worst, she readied herself for whatever was coming her way. She was surprised to find that no one else was falling. She was all alone. Then, the water around her started cheering.
"Adria's back!" one said.
"I thought she was lost forever! Do you think that she remembers us?" another asked.
"All that matters is that she is with us again." said someone who seemed to be the leader of the group. Suddenly, it all came rushing back to her. Falling into the Adriatic Sea, growing up around friends, and learning the paths of the world. Then she remembered losing her memory from a boat crash, and the fateful day where she rose up into the clouds, and started living a life of sadness and confusion. But she was home now. And she knew, that if the water cycle were ever to start again, she was prepared.
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