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the barn owl and the mice

No description

taco123 happy

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of the barn owl and the mice

Whats does the barn owl mainly eat? It mainly eats on the meadow vole but also eats mice, shrews and rats. What time of night do barn owl's mosty active? Most hunting is done before midnight , with a second hunting period beginning about 2 hours before sunrise. How many eggs does a barn owl lay? It layes about 5 most 10 or more. How is the nesting season for the barn owl ?
The barn owl will breed in all months except January (North America.)
How many voles do these birds consume per night ? Each barn owl usally consumes 6 voles or vole-size rodents per night. this will equal about 1/3 of their total body weigt in food consumption per night. how long is there wingspan?
1/2 wingspan
The mouse What do mice eat? They eat Grains, seeds, some plants roots. What do mice sound like? They sound like a squeak and chatter their teet they crunch
seeds and other things. what colors are mice? Black , brown, white, diffrent colors. Mice can be pet's. The Barn Owl How many mice are in the world?. over a billion How long dose a barn owl live? 10 years the most but in the wild 20-23.
how many kides do mice have? 5 or 10 in a litter. what do mice look like when they are baby's? There pink. how fast can a barn owl fly? 40 mph Can mice be pets?
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