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Social Injustice Against the Intellectually Disabled

A Global Issue

Audrey Copeland

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Social Injustice Against the Intellectually Disabled

A Global Issue Social Injustice Against the Intellectually Disabled "The opportunities people with disabilities experience today are the result of leadership in the disability community yesterday; the opportunities of the future will be the result of leadership that emerges today. To not invest in future leadership is at best to leave the future of persons with disabilities in doubt, at worst it is to not care about that future." -K. Charlie Lakin They held her hostage for days, they tortured her, shaved her head, bound her with Christmas decorations, beat her with a towel rack and vacuum cleaner, fed her detergent, urine and various medications. They then forced her to write a suicide note, stabbed her to death, and hid her in a plastic bag. Jennifer Daugherty Social Injustice against the mentally disabled is common because people prey on the victims' trusting nature. Factors for Hate Crimes Against Persons With Dissabilities Include: Negative Attitudes Towards Disability Exclusion Isolation and Poverty of the Disabled and Their Families
Lack of Support, Advocacy, and Safeguards Cultural Support For Violence Abuse in State Institutions Nature Of Disability Negative Attitudes Towards Various Groups of People Perceptions About Credibility of Disabled Victims Greensburg Pennsylvania
Febuary, 2010

Six people pretended to be her good friends. Fiona Pilkington (38) and Francecca Hardwick (18) Brent Martin Social Injustice Against Mentaly Challanged People: The Facts In crime and law, hate crimes (also known as bias-motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, social status or political affiliation. What is a Hate Crime? disability, According to the FBI:

Of 44,265 hate crimes recorded from 1997-2001 133 - less than one-half of one percent - were against the disabled.

Mark Sherry, a University of California, Berkeley, researcher on the likely hood of people with hate crimes being targeted:

"just one chance in a million"

On July 14, 1933: “Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases.”
Called to sterilize everyone with hereditary diseases; mental illness, learning disability, physical deformity, epilepsy, blindness, deafness, and severe alcoholism.
Third Reich regularly labeled the disabled as “life unworthy of life” or “useless eaters”. Leicestershire, England
October 2007 Fiona was the mother of Francecca, an 18 year old girl with a severe learning disability. In 2007, Fiona lit fire to the car they were both in killing her and her daughter. This family had been harassed for multiple years by a gang of about 16 kids. The gang would throw eggs, flour, and rocks at their house because of Franceccas disability. When Fiona went to the police to report it, it was put aside as unimportant. The stress and harassment this gang did, caused Fiona to commit suicide along with kill her daughter. The chief of police who investigated the deaths said: "These horrific deaths are yet another tragic example of how a vulnerable young person with a learning disability, and her family, have been completely betrayed by the authorities responsible for their care. " The truth is that these are the most under-repported crimes... people with disabilities often are victimized consistently in ways which we can not even imagine. T4 (Tiergartenstrasse 4)
Euthanasia - latin for good death
Nazi systematic killing of the institutionalized mentally and physically disabled.
Generic ashes were sent to victims family. August 18, 1939
Reich Ministry of the Interior circulated decree compelling physicians, nurses, and midwives to report newborn infants and children under the age of three who showed signs of severe mental or physical disability.
At first, only infants and toddlers were incorporated in the effort.Eventually juveniles up to 17 years of age were also killed through this program. Disability Hate Crimes during WWII Caption: Because God cannot want the sick and ailing to reproduce. NewCastle, UK
2008 Brent Martin, 16, was killed by two teenagers who beat him to death. After being chased almost a mile, the boys caught up to Brent and beat him up. They were laughing and betting each other money that the other could knock him out just using one hand. They also used grusome tactics like kicking, stomping and headbutting, until the helpless 16 year old died from trauma. The whole time Brent never even tried to fight back or hurt the attackers. Diagnosis

A missing diagnoses
I would love to be normal
And not so lonely

Who are they,
to judge me lazy?
I pray,
For an un-judgemental daisy,

But still a deadly feeling lingers
foot to skull,
It must be why half my brain,
Is feeling numbly dull.

I can't feel joy,
I can not even cry,
But I can feel this horrible pain,
In my minds eye.

Mentally challenged I am,
They only see the condition now,
This is no friendly scam

Diagnoses I have,
but there's a huge one that is missing
Sadly this is major,
"psychosis" my brain is whispering.

And the child held her hand
A child tiny for almost eight,
Deep blue eyes that dominated his face,
When he explained new events to her,
that funny doggy,
that pretty rock,
And the freckles on his cheek,
No one saw a sunrise more perfect,
to her,
She so vividly smells the fragrance of
his hair,
his ears,
his breath in the morning
She vividly hears that little heartbeat,
that was hers
always hers,
and the laughter,
that raspy little laugh,
when he caught her in a conundrum.
All this,
But this is merely the surface,
As she watches her little God sheared,
and stripped,
For the gas chamber.

Laura Crist "Cellophane Crimes" "Disability hate crimes could be regarded as ‘cellophane crimes’: people walk right
through them, look right through them, and never know they are there."
-Mark Sherry
Post Doctoral Fellow in Disability Studies
University of California, Berkeley Abroad:
UNICEF has made huge efforts to increase education. They have also developed a universal system for collecting more accurate information about disabilities and easily diagnosing them. Nigeria Many misconceptions are still held; disabilities are associated with witchcraft, promiscuity by the mother during pregnancy, punishment by ancestral spirits or by God, and evil spirits. “As a result of these experiences, there were a lot of factors which made me really critical of our culture, including conflicts within our culture. For example, my grandmother thought that in order to be secure, I would need to be cleansed, and the experience was very nasty. I remember even my mother was telling me it was the only way. I was taken up to a mountain and I was left overnight on the mountain on my own. They were to collect me the following morning. Traditional rituals were performed. It was expected that was the way of really helping me out.
It was very terrible.”
-Raga Mupindu (Leading Rights Activist, himself disabled) What Is Being Done? In the U.S. laws are already inplace against disability discrimination, the issue lies with our misguided, cruel, preconceptions. Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS)

1. Has delay in sitting, standing or walking
2. Has difficulty seeing, either in the daytime or at night
3. Has difficulty hearing
4. Has difficulty in understanding instructions
5. Has difficulty walking or moving arms, or has weakness or stiffness of limbs
6. Has fits, becomes rigid, loses consciousness
7. Does not learn to do things like other children of his/her age
8. Does not speak at all
9. Speaks differently from normal or cannot name at least one object
10. Appears mentally backward, dull or slow. School anti-bullying efforts A Call To Action Spread the word to end the word, sign the pledge to not use the word "retarded" in a hateful or derogatory way. http://www.r-word.org/ Come to the Special Olympics Runathon and Carnival on May 14th from 9-12 am to raise money and promote awareness. Volunteer as a coach at the Orange County Special Olympics to fight misconceptions. http://www.sooc.org/ Think it through, don't say hateful or discrimitory things to be funny this only helps to spread the negative ideas about disabilities. Bibliography

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