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Carolina Elizalde

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Ethnicity

Relating to or characteristic of a human group having racial, religious, linguistic, and certain other traits in common. (dictionary.com definition)
The most diverse countries in terms of ethnicity are african countries.
Heritage is what forms you as person and you way of thinking.
Throughout history the influences of foreign regions influenced in continents around the world specially America and Africa.
Specific characteristics usally phisical that makes you differnt than the rest.
Stereotypes are formed based on where you come from.
Chinese placed as very intelligent people
Blacks considered robbers or rap singers
Whites as the best race of all and flawless




These examples show how media influences on ethnicity and how by practical jokes people are seriously offended.

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Influence on media
Ethnic minorities as criminals:
Blacks are often related with criminals as a racist stereotype
Ethnic minorities
Social segregation
Moral panics because of stereotypical categorization of people.
Ethic minorities as unimportant
Their opinion is not considered important
People don't take them seriously
Laws are not enforced if you are not a majority.
Discrimination because of an specific characteristic different than the rest.
Not appearing in television or films because of your racial background.
Injustice in terms of law enforcement.
In conclusion we can say that ethnicity is where you come from what is your background and ancestors. However, this is something that most people don’t respect rather they make fun of people’s ethnicity. What they don’t take in consideration is that something that might be funny for one person could be seriously offensive for another. We don't blame this people because since they were kids tv and films make fun of certain groups of people which have influenced in the adults they are now at days. We believe that instead of making fun of this persons we should respect were they come from and consider that we are all different but no one is better that the other.
Nicolas Orska
Andres Flores
Juliana Zeller
Carolina Elizalde
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