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Naomi Lumanauw 8th Grade Digital Portfolio

No description

Naomi Lumanauw

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Naomi Lumanauw 8th Grade Digital Portfolio

New West Charter School
8th Grade Digital Portfolio
Naomi Lumanauw

Digital Portfolio
You will see my strengths and weaknesses in school. You will see my goal and my achievements and the process of achieving my goals, and you will see my life goals
Quality Producer
A quality producer is someone who puts a lot of effort and time into their work academically and socially.
Effective Communicator and Collaborator
To collabrate means to put together ideas, items, etc., so both collaborators were able to contribute something. To communicate effectivately means to have your information understandable.
Community Contributor
A community contributor is someone gives to their community and the people around them.
Technologically Literate
To be technological literate is to be able to understand and read stuff on the internet clearly.
Evaluate academic and personal growth by creating a digital portfolio
Organize materials and manage time effectively
Gather and analyze information to make strong arguments supported by evidence
Demonstrate Complex Problem Solving Skills
Creatively Express myself in written, verbal and artistic ways
Goals that push myself but are realistic
Participate in self-evaluation and reflection
My Future Self

Analyze the reliability of information found on the internet
Utilize technology in effective and meaningful ways
Display information through multimedia presentations
Demonstrate strong, positive leadership
Work as a team to solve problems and accomplish mutual goals
Listen respectfully to the ideas of others and speak with clarity
Successfully complete NWC
Community service requirements
Demonstrate civic participation and responsibility
Participate in a variety of student organizations
Apply the skills and concepts learned in the classroom and the real world
Participate in school sponsored community service projects
Read, comprehend and discuss complex literary and informational texts
Write clear coherent ideas of others and speak with clarity, narratives and explanatory text using the writing process
Possible Future Careers
Possible Colleges/Majors
Final Words
Plan to distinguish myself as an applicant
I want to finish the first semester with straight A's.
I want to be active in my community
I want to be more independent
New West Girl's Volleyball Team
New West Green Team
UC Berkeley
In X Block, I tutored people who are struggling with math.
All my binders are up to date and in order and my locker is organized.
In History class, we have Socratic
Seminars in which we argue what we believe in with evidence from the lessons, which helps me on my essay.
New West Green Team
Tutoring in Math Lab
In volleyball, we worked as a team to win the game.
In history, I read a book about how the Americans outspied the British. Then I debated and wrote an essay on which spy tactic was the most significant.
In Socratic Seminars, I listen to other people's ideas, so I can use them in my essay.
In science, we have a Eureka page that we write what we learn from the unit.
In math, we use different formulas for different problems.
In volleyball, I had to cheer on my teammates will benched and help my team win the games.
Last year, we made a weebly and now this year we made a prezi.
I help my community by not littering.
I was on the New West Girl's Vollyball team.
In study hall, I use a laptop to help me on my homework.
In English, we wrote haikus.
8th grade was fun and I learned a lot.
I hope I will be very happy.
I will use my skills I learned in math by using it if I become an accountant.
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