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Flipped Learning - OESIS 2013

No description

Scott MacClintic

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Flipped Learning - OESIS 2013

Flipped Learning
"I can
come to class prepared to ask questions
. I feel that I have done the material before and
can participate better in the class.
I can listen to one section of the lesson over and over.
For example, I struggled with the buffer lessons at the beginning of the term, and I must have watched the video lesson in that section 8 times.
Before long though, I understood buffers
, and I never fell behind in the class."
"The fact that
the videos are always up on the internet
make them a great study tool before tests/quizzes, as well as after a day in the lab where you realize in the moment that maybe you didn't understand the concept as well as you had thought."

"I tell everyone about it. I think video lectures can be used in so many other classes and would revolutionize the way we learn and
use our time in school.
Simple: I get to do more fun stuff in class.
Of course, there's a bit more to it than that. My experience with science textbooks (and even textbooks in general) is that they are A) physically cumbersome and B) contain a few elements of pertinent information buried beneath clutter that, while interesting, has little to do with the course and dilutes the information that I actually need to know."

"I could watch the video lectures
at my own pace
and rewind when I personally missed something or did not understand something. In normal classes, I
sometimes hold back a question because I don’t want to stop everyone else
for something that I missed.
"The con is that
the homework is always important
, so I can't just skip it. I'm definitely one of those kids that doesn't do the homework if I don't have to, but
the video lessons are vital to the class the next day and I can never blow them off.
definitely helps students
, especially independent and responsible ones who will watch the videos and take notes,
to ask better questions
in class and
have better discussions with their classmates.
What do the students think?
about creating an effective learning environment
"every student every day"
Founded in 1874
650 Students - Coed
62% Boarding
38% Day
What will I be covering in class?
How will I present the material?
What will the students be doing in class? How will they be engaging with the material?
Flipped Learning
SDM contact info
Link to this Prezi: http://goo.gl/9L86Uy
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