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Hester Prynne's Scarlet Diary

No description

Darbi Harriman

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Hester Prynne's Scarlet Diary

Diary Entry #11 Diary Entry #12 Diary Entry #14 Diary Entry #13 Hester Prynne's Scarlet Diary Rebecca Johnson
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English III Honors
January 3rd, 2013 Dear Diary,
Today, the Puritan court sentenced me to go out in front of the whole town. I had to wear an“A” and stand on the scaffold. I stood there as people mocked me and ridiculed me; they are all hypocrites! The people, who used to have such respect for me, hate me now because I committed adultery. They do not understand; it was one lonely night and I had no clue if my beloved husband was still alive. In fact, I saw him today in the crowd. He put his finger up to his lips as if to tell me not to say a word about his presence. It hurt to see that he is still alive and I cheated on him. Why did he have to come back and why do I love the one I committed adultery with so much? I have to keep him a secret; I do not want him to go through any of this shame, for it is too painful and I do not want this shame to ruin his reputation. I hope one day Pearl will understand everything that has happened and will still love me.
-Hester Dear Diary,
My husband Chillingworth visited me in jail today. I saw him when I was being humiliated on the scaffold in the town square. He brought Pearl and I medicine once we were taken to our holding cell. I wish he never came back after that encounter. He abandoned me; I was sent here by myself and he never showed up until now! Why would he do that to his wife? He told me not to tell anyone he was my husband. He is ashamed of me, but if he did not leave me, I would not be in this situation!
-Hester Dear Diary,
I am too young to be humiliated and labeled as an adulteress. But I have to keep in mind that I did the crime, therefore I must be punished. Standing on that scaffold for three hours was torture, especially with the townspeople speaking arrogant remarks against Pearl and I. I was being asked questions that I could not answer; Pearl must have sensed my frustration because she cried when I felt the extreme choler. Sleep does not come to me easily and I have been suffering from lethargic attitudes and the inability to think properly. Chillingworth, my husband, only augmented my distress by arriving into the town during my humiliating punishment. Oh, the aspersions I imagined receiving from him, the thought of the baleful revenge he would see for me; I still tremble at the thought. Although he did not harm Pearl or myself, I still fear his astute plans and evil demeanor. I may have developed a phobia of this capricious man, who I have unfortunately betrayed.
-Hester Dear Diary,
I was released today; Pearl and I. We have been in there for a long while; so long that when we came out the sun was much for Pearl’s young eyes. While I was in jail, Chillingworth was our physician. I am afraid; I am scared that he will figure out who the father of Pearl is and what horrible vengence he will seek. This will not happen! Even though I was released today, I do not feel free. Everyone is going to look at me in a negative way and are going to judge me for my past. Now preachers and moralist will have a finger to point and it will be at the scarlet letter on my bosom. Can no one remember me for the person I was before my condemnation or at least who I am now? Poor little Pearl! She has to live as the “sinful” child; people will think poorly of her. If I had never committed adultery, I would not have had Pearl. Part of me rejoices over my treasure. but the rest regrets this disaster. Pearl has a heavenly father, but is fatherless on Earth; when will she know of her biological father? Will she be able to take all of the hate and judgment? I really hope she can!
-Hester Dear Diary,
Since I have been released from my holding cell and I am not quite sure where to go, I feel helpless. Fortunately, I heard of a home that has been deserted within the town’s jurisdiction I plan on staying in the town to carry out my punishment. My goal: is for the townspeople to view me as a responsible woman instead of an adulteress only. My guilt makes me want to live an austere lifestyle, but I could not do that to Pearl. I hope I can provide her with a complacent life and teach her the way of the Lord. I wish to avoid the possibility of her making the same mistake as me. I will take on the job of needle-work, if people are willing to buy a condemned woman’s embroidered fabrics and clothing. This judging and sinful lifestyle is going to be difficult, but I do not have any other option but to accept it.
-Hester Dear Diary,
Pearl is a strange little creature. She will not play with the other children and when they try to play with her, she throws rocks at them. While on our way to the Governor’s mansion, Pearl and I saw Reverend Dimmesdale with Mr. Chillingworth. It was strange seeing them together. When Pearl and I walked into the governor’s office, we saw his sister who has claimed to be a witch and has given her soul to the black man in the forest. I too would give my soul as well if it was not for Pearl.
-Hester Dear Diary,
I am nearing the last of my years, or at least I look that way. My hair is losing its shining beauty and my face is obtaining wrinkles. It must be the stress that has been put on me; Pearl, Chillingworth, the town still judging me. The stress is taking its toll. Pearl is just as cheerful and abnormal as she was before, except now she has learned how to purposely make a person distraught. She is wiser beyond her years and I have yet to decipher if this will be a positive experience for me or a negative experience. Once again, Chillingworth is only augmenting my stress by purposely causing pain and agony to Dimmesdale. I have been faced with an unfortunate decision; I must confront Chillingworth.
-Hester Dear Diary,
The strangest thing happened tonight. I was on the way home from the funeral and I spotted Dimmesdale on the scaffold! He spotted Pearl and I and he asked if we would join him! He extended his hand to us and we did joined him. Pearl asked if he would stand with us on the scaffold at noon-time tomorrow. He said no. She then asked if he would hold our hands at noon-time tomorrow and, again, he denied. As soon as our hands joined, an “A” appeared in the sky! An A! Just like the one I wear everyday on my bosom! It was truly and odd behavior that Dimmesdale portrayed and I am not sure what to make of this occasion.
-Hester Dear Diary,
Reverend Dimmesdale, Pearl, and I are traveling back to Europe together to ive the rest of our lives as a family. I have looked forward to this day for a long time. My little Pearl is not too pleased with her father because he will not tell anyone that he is “Hester’s secret lover” everyone has been pushing to discover. We plan on leaving after the Election Sermon. When he gives his speech, we will be going on a ship back to Europe to be a family. I really hope God will bless me one last time.
-Hester Dear Diary,
I am absolutely ecstatic to leave the Purian society for Europe, but Pearl has an opposite point of view of the situation. She seems to enjoy Dimmesdale’s presence one day, such as the day at the Governor’s mansion when she acted affectionate towards him, and then despises him another day, such as when she wiped his kiss off in the river. However, I love Dimmesdale. He makes me feel young, beautiful, and joyous again, and I can hardly remember the last time I felt these types of emotions. Hopefully Pearl will understand how significant he will be once he stays in our lives. Unfortunately, Pearl does not welcome change in her lifestyle as easily as I do. Unfortunately, that trait was not bequeathed to her from me. With this decision I seem to feel more independent and rebellious that I am leaving this condemning town. With a new life, I can try to cover up the nightmares experienced in this town.
-Hester Dear Diary,
Today Dimmesdale passed away. We were getting ready to leave on the ship. He was giving his speech for the election ceremony, and then he fell to the ground! He started speaking to the crowd, and began to confess his sins. He told everyone about our secret affair and how Pearl was his daughter. Finally free of guilt, he collapsed dead. I have to get away. I will travel to Europe as Dimmesdale would have wanted and raise our daughter into a proper, Christian woman.
-Hester Dear Diary,
Today has been an indifferent day. I am reminded of all the memories of the place in which I am leaving. My beloved Dimmesdale’s last action of a Reverend was standing on the scaffold in the town square with Pearl and I to reveal his true status. This is where he died a few seconds later and then and then he was finally free from life’s aching grip. It grieves me to think that he will not be able to father Pearl in Europe. Dimmesdale meant a lot to me, but he is not here anymore. Pearl is surprisingly excited to go somewhere new where no one knows her as the “sin child.” I can not wait to see what happens in my new life and in this new world!
-Hester Dear Diary,
I have just returned to the Puritan society and left Pearl with her new life. It was difficult to come home by myself, but it may also bring closure unto me. Everyone is looking at me in a different light now. They have brought gifts to me! They might even find comfort in speaking with me one of these days. It is amazing to be admired for my personality and not ostrasized for the sin I have committed! I think I am going to enjoy this new found respect and welcome!
-Hester Dear Diary,
I almost feel alone, Dimmesdale died many years ago and Pearl is grown up and married in Europe. However, as I stated in my last little entry, I traveled back to the Puritan society. It has changed a lot since I last was here. It seemed like a haunting idea at first, but I thought I could find closure returning to the society, which I did in fact achieve. Chillingworth has been dead as well, which makes my life a little easier and less stressful while living in the town once again. Since I have returned, I have learned that I have high respect with the Puritan society! Some girls even feel comfortable to talk to me about their sins and they ask me for advice to overcome their sins. It may be since I have advanced in age, I look wiser. That is a common misconception made by the Puritan society about senior citizens. I feel helpful to these young people and I am glad I can do something positive for this society!
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