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CS-DC Strasbourg 2014

No description

Idriss Aberkane

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of CS-DC Strasbourg 2014



We're already there
Knowledge is exploding
1. exchanges are positive sum
2. exchanges are not instantaneous
3. exchanges are non linear
Nature is a library
Read it, don't burn it!
Mark Fricker / Oxford
Blue Economy
"You say CO2 is bad,
and that's because we don't know
what to do with it."

"...So we are bad, not CO2!"
Gunter Pauli
"Cardboard to caviar"
Knowledge is collegial
Nature is smart and beautiful
and she has an MBA
Biomimicry in architecture
Marine Biomimicry
Marine protein engineering
(800 USD / mg in 2014)
Magnus Larsson
Vincent Callebaut
Franck Zal 2007 / lugworm hemoglobin
Glowing Plant (Kickstarter 2013)
Optical Metamaterials
Structural model of the IgNAR shark antibody – Image: Janosch Hennig, TUM/Helmholtz Zentrum
Black Gold, Green Gold, Blue Gold...
why is the knowledge economy
our next Renaissance ?

"The Stone Age didn’t end for lack of stone, and the oil age will end long before the world runs out of oil"
It is doubling about every 9 years
Knowledge is collegial
If we won't learn in groups,
we won't learn anymore!
Jacques Rougerie
"the great law of Peace"
How do we create shareable prosperity
for everybody on Earth?
A Professional School of Shareable Prosperity
Syed Shariq
Bhavna Hariharan
The Blue Gold Rush
Jacques Rougerie & Ariel Fuchs
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