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Caffe Bene story

No description

Leeu DongGu

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Caffe Bene story

-SWOP analysis- Marketing, Design, Franchise strategy Marketing, Design, Menu Marketing Design Franchise -Weakness- -Opportunity- O T -Threat- S W -4p mix- -Competitors- -eNVIROMENT- -stp- -Our Suggestions- I. solutions for Store Management
-Increase retail stores
-Real Estate Professionals
-Partner education 1. European style These seats are provided for the customers
who loves culture and caffebene Inviting tiket Who are you? Thanks for listenning :) 3.CSR -ADP- -Voulenteer w/ Stars- 2. Unity Neglect of store management -Not in core place- -Micro Enviroment- -Macro Enviroment- supplier Company Customers -> -> coffee market -Other market- II. Change axis to product, quality Sales of frozen (or processed) waffles
: Promote the brand and the flagship product
: Expanding distribution channels - Increased total revenue could choose various toppings
(fruits, sauce, nuts ..etc) III.Globalization -strength- European Vintage -Appropriate Technology-
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