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Main idea vs summary

No description

Allison Kauffmann

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Main idea vs summary

Summary Main Idea Main Idea Summary How the team lost... Remember that main idea is only what the selection is mostly about. It is the big picture. A summary gives someone an idea of what a selection is about.

It often answer the questions of the reporter's

It DOES and MUST include specific details from the story "Well, in the fourth quarter of the game, we were up by 27 points until Stewie fouled out and Peter scored for the other team! We ended up losing by 2 points!" The best
is the one that tells you what the entire passage is mostly about.

The best
is the one that gives you specific, accurate details from throughout the entire passage. * This would have been a great summary of the game for someone who didn't see it. "Well, after playing really well, a couple of careless errors caused our team to lose at the very end of the game." *This was a good main idea that gave the teacher the basic idea of what happened without offending your friends. MAIN IDEA SUMMARY After hearing a couple of her friends talking about the alcohol they'd snuck into their backpacks, Josie felt nervous as the three friends walked to their usual afterschool hangout. She knew she didn't want to drink but felt like they wouldn't be her friends anymore if she stood up to them. As they walked to the park, Josie thought about what she would say. In one minute, she was thinking, "I'll just a little; it's not really that big of a deal." In the next minute she was thinking about how she didn't want to start doing things she knew would lead to negative consequences. When they reached the park, the other two girls retrieved the bottles from their bags and Josie was finally faced with the moment she'd been dreading since they'd left. Although she'd already said no once, her friends persisted, "Oh come on, Jose, don't be such a baby. Who's gonna know?" Now remember, to write a main idea we have to leave out specific details and only state what it was basically about. To write a main idea, try this strategy:
1. Decide what the subject of the story was
(A girl faced with peer pressure)
2. Ask yourself what is being said about the subject
(She knows it's bad, but she wants to keep her friends.) **Double-check that you didn't include specifics When faced with peer pressure and doing something she knows could lead to negative consequences, a young girl risks two friendships to stand up for what she knows is right. Summary Include several specific details from throughout the entire selection, not just a portion of it. Notice this main idea explains what it was about WITHOUT revealing any details.

You get the basic idea but not the WHOLE idea. After Josie's friends sneak alcohol out of their houses, she is faced with a troubling decision. Although she wants to maintain her friendships and join in with her friends, she knows it is not a good idea. Notice that the summary follows the reporter's formula. Who: Josey, her friends
What: Tough decision b/w drinking or not.
Where: ?
When: After her friends sneak it out,
Why: She knows it's not a good idea (These are usually the important details.) (Ex:- the Solar System vs. the planets. The football game vs. the fans, cheerleaders, quarterback, and uniforms. The Oscars vs. actors, the red carpet, designer gowns, and films.) It's the point of the passage, minus all the details. vs.
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