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Bethany Hamilton-Overcoming Obstacles

No description

lizbeth gonzalez

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Bethany Hamilton-Overcoming Obstacles

Bethany Hamilton-Overcoming Obstacles
By:Lizbeth Gonzalez

Bethany Hamilton's Life
Bethany Hamilton's Obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles
About Bethany Hamilton
Bethany was born February 8th , 1990 on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. She grew up with the knowledge of surfing because her family enjoyed the sport. Her mother and father were not professionals but were good at surfing, along with her two brothers. Her first time on a surfboard was at age two. Her very first tournament was when she was eight. She won both short board and long both short board and long board division
About Bethany Hamilton's Characteristics
Many people characterize a hero as brave, courageous, someone who saves the day. But in truth, heroes are everywhere. She was a Christian child, an avid surfer and was majorly influenced by her family and close friends. One of her dreams was to become a professional surfer, and with her unmistakable talent, it was practically her destiny. Her life, in a sense, was perfect until one day in October of 2003 when she hit the waves. A shark ripped off a chunk of her board along with her left arm, almost killing her.
When she lost her arm, she had to learn how to do things with only one arm, basically having to learn how to do everything all over again.She overcame her obstacles by never giving up.
Overcoming Obtacles
Overcoming Obstacles
She overcame it by her passion for surfing and the help of her family members.She started out bad but than she improved being a great surfer.

Why I chose ...
I chose this person becuase she had many obstacles in her way but she never gives up she trys her best to achive all of her deams .She never stops trying .She alwaays finds a way to keep overcoming her obstacles.She inspiers me to try everytime I have an obstacle in my way.Thats why I chose this person.
Bethany was born February 8, 1990

Bethany Hamilton's Childhood
Bethany had many obstacles .She had that passion for surfing and that was one of her obstacles becuase she loved surfing but she could'nt.
She overcame her obstacles her FAITH in GOD that the Father will help her.Her attitude at first was streesful because she could;nt do anything but than she started learning
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