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Irish folk music

No description

Prezi Feliz

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Irish folk music

Nuria, Sara, Santi y Juan Irish folk music The Irish folk music and its lirycs went from genaration to generation.
It`s characterized by the slow movement of change that had along the list of accepted principles.
It´s is very difficult or impossible know the age . history There are a lot of kinds of lyrics in the irish folk music. Most folk songs are less than two hundred years old.
-The Caoineadh, is a type of lament song which is typified by lyrics which stress sorrow and pain.
- Music for singing, unaccompained voices are called sean nós
- Music for dancing, irish traditional music was largely meant for dancing at celebrations for weddings, saint's days... Lyrics In Ireland we can find different types of instruments, for example:
The guitar and bouzouki.
The bodhrán.
The tenor banjo.
The whistle and the flute.
The fiddle.
The uilleann pipe.
The celtic harp.
The accordion and the concertina celtic harp Instruments uilleann pipe bouzouki fiddle bodhrán concertina
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