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Personal Project Presentaion

No description

Gretchen Kresak

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Personal Project Presentaion

Gretchen Kresak
Personal Project
Areas of interaction
-Human Ingenuity
My project is based on making creating a book including different step-by-step processes of makeup techniques and applications and how to on your own make your own makeup products.. This correlates to my project because I am creating the book and processes from scratch and human ingenuity is based on creating things based on your likes and preferences.
-Approaches To Learning
My project is done by me creating a book where I'll display all my findings. So by doing that I'm being able to communicate all my findings and information through this book.
I want to gain knowledge about how to create the homemade makeup products properly. To know what supplies I’ll need to make them. Also the application of makeup and also what types of products work for peoples skin types. I hope to gain more knowledge about how I should display my knowledge. Like how I should start taking my photos and how to write out my step-by-step processes. How I should write up the products and how to make my information for them proper and clear.

After completing my research, I now know how to make my own makeup, and the kind of materials I’ll need to do it. And also proper application techniques. Also how I want to display my information and what website or template will work best for me to do that
Largest Stretch
The largest stretch is going in how to make my book.
I've never created something like this before. So, it will be dififcult to have enough research and understanding to make the book. And then also create visuals and make my product presentable, and be good quality.
I chose my personal project because I’d thought it’d be fun to challenge myself to do something I’ve never done before. I’ve never learned what can actually go into making makeup and also the application for all types of people. And so I chose to do this because I love trying out different kinds of makeup what different techniques are useful and so I though better gaining understanding of this and be very fun.
After talking to my supervisor I know what template and way I'll be able to gather all my information and put it so that I can easily insert it and have it ready.
The most challenging thing will be the process of creating the book. Such as taking all the pictures, and getting people to model the things for me, and also writing out all the steps and processes for it.
The benefits I'll gain from this project is I'll now know more about what can go into making cosmetics, and the techniques and application help for applying it. And also knowing that other people if when they read and see it that they can know more about all of this also.
My cost just include the buying of the ingredients for the diy makeup, and then the cost of printing out all of my pictures to be put in my book.
I handled these by just buying them myself with my own money or just using things I had at home already.
By September I see my project being a well completed and organized book. Through which will communicate all my findings and understanding which I've found from doing my research for my project, and then me actually making the things my self. Then also my book will have picture of the finished results of both the diy makeup and the step-by-step processes and techniques.
-base knowledge of how to do diy makeup
-recipe and ingredients for the makeup
-skin care tips
-what tools i should use when applying makeup
-good pictures and videos for beginners
-different techniques to use
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