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Student created websites

No description

pavel Lieb

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Student created websites

Student created websites as portfolios-
enabling students to tell their stories

"Strange Story" in my Bio classroom
Cell Division
Evolution and(?) Ecology

Students can't feel empowered by the knowledge because they can't see the logic that's not there.
Student as a Storyteller - The Disease Website Project
-An independent day school in Los Angeles
-600 students
-"college prep"
-Dual Curriculum
- standard science curriculum
-9th year teaching

"Toying" with Sequencing
-What makes the most sense?
-What works?
-What doesn't?
-Are projects useful?
Realization: An Incoherent Sequence = no story
What do we need - a Coherent Sequence - a "Story"
Success stories:
Realization: Just need a better story to increase our students' buy-in
Better Unit Sequence that makes Curriculum Coherent:
-Ecology (Big Picture)
-Organismal Physiology
-Cell Physiology
-Cell Energetics
-Cell Division
-Biotechnology/Bioethics/Molecular Genetics (The finest detail)
-Evolution (Tying it all together)

Pick a Disease:
- Individually relevant
-Empowering through knowledge acquisition
-Instant "need to know"
PSA style
-educates public
-requires coherent expression
-relevant peer-reviewed information
All things tech:
-Google Sites are easy to use
-Easy collaboration
-Shared with the teacher to monitor progress
Relevance to the curriculum:
-With each unit learned a new subpage is generated
by Pavel Lieb, MCS
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