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Large Families

No description

Jenny Parson

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Large Families

Benefits of Growing up BIG
-Hand me downs
-Won't be obese they are healthier, won't be depressed.
-Encouraged by other siblings with anything (walking, talking, obedience, etc).
-Always work together as a team
-Easier to divide family for game night, travels, etc.
-Your siblings will always be there for you and will always be your friend.
-You will never be bored..someone will be around to be with you!
Large Families
-Siblings experience relationships with each other
-Don't do as well in school, repeat grades, and also get behind easily.
-Greater dropout rate
-Older siblings able to help each other out with assignments.
-School supplies more expensive for larger families.
Religion and Culture
-The Mormon and Jewish religions tend to have larger families.
- Afghan women don't have "a choice" for amount of children that is for Allah to decide.
Work Ethic
-Jewish people have dreams about what they are suppose to do with their life.
-Mormon's bring "His" teachings to home, work, and their communities.
-They do a lot of community service, missionary work, humanitarian aid which are prioritizes given by the church.
-Afghan think that ethical decisions are guidelines, standards, and laws that affect professional decision making process.
Disciplining with Large Families
-Giving specific directions for the children to understand (Time Outs, spanking, loss of privilege or belonging).
-Since they have many siblings, they are able to see others get in trouble so that makes them more aware.
-Mormon's believe that kindness and love will teach children to behave.
-A Jewish approach is insulting the child or embarrass them so they don't disobey again.
Stereotypes about Large Families
-People are having large families to replenish or populate the Earth.
-People only have large families because of their religion.
-Kids in large families are overworked and not given the right opportunities.
-There isn't enough money, love, or attention to go around.
Communication with Large Families
-Be an active listener
-Communicate frequently within the family.
-Communicate clearly and directly with specific instructions/directions.
-Be positive with all children.
-Always think about the way you are speaking to someone.







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