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I wish you wouldn't..

No description

Matías Díaz Vidal

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of I wish you wouldn't..

Getting started!
Exercises a and b
Thanks for your attention!
I wish you wouldn't...!
Vanessa Aburto - Matias Diaz - Pilar Rosales - Fabian Tribiños

Love is blind

Jess is describing her new boyfriend, Kevin. Read the paragraph from her diary
My boyfriend, kevin, is not very handsome. He's quite short, and He's really thin. He doesn't like sports, and he never wants to go dancing with me on Saturdays. He can't dance! He spends a lot of time with his friends at the local amusement arcade.
He doesn't get on well with my friends, and they don't like him either.
He doesn't have much money. He never buys me flowers or chocolates. So, why do I still go out with him? Well, I'm not sure but I really love him. And I believe he can change if he wants to.
2. Write 7 things Jess might wish for .
1-Kevin is not very handsome
2-He's not tall
3-He doesn't like sports
4-He can't dance
5-He doesn't get on well with her friends
6-He doesn't have much money
7-He never buys me flowers or chocolates

Grammar check

Use the words to write complete sentences
1- We/ wish/ have/ car.
2- I/ wish/ not live/ here
3- Jenny/wish/ have/ more money.
4- Mike/wish/can/play the piano
5- They/ wish/ not have /exams
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