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25 Facts On American Settlers

No description

Maegan Obregon

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of 25 Facts On American Settlers

Jamestown In 1607, Jamestown was Americans first settelment. Tobacco was Jamestowns cash crop. Only 4% were children. 96% of Jamestown settlers were adults 104 men arrived at Jamestown Captain John Smith kept the colony from fading. Many didn't survive the long journey. 214 people sailed to America. John Ralph married Pocahontas Unlike the popular Disney movie she did not marry John Smith. Over a third of the people died. They landed in Massachusetts in May 13, 1607. They helped them by teaching them how to plant crops and many more things. The Powhatan tribe helped the American settlers survive. On the Mayflower. Many pilgrims traveled to America for religious freedom. 13 years before the pilgrims came to Plymouth they founded Jamestown. They never found any. The Jamestown settlers left to find gold and silver. The names of the ships were, Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. They used 3 ships. They left on December 20, 1606. The crops miraculously improved. The Powhatan tribe told the settlers that if they put fish in their garden the crops would grow better. The entire trip to Jamestown was over 6,000 miles. Over 14,000 Powhatan people lived in the Virginia area. Most of the settlers died in the winter. Only 38 people were still alive after journey to Jamestown. Food shortages, disease and illness, establishing relations with the native Powhatan Indians and the lack of skilled labor were the primary problems the early settlers faced. Four carpenters, two bricklayers, a mason, and a blacksmith were the first tradesman, arriving with the first settlers in 1607. Our 25 facts on early American settlers
By:Maegan Obregon and Anissa Castillio It was their first profitable outport. By being a strong faithful leader. on the journey to Jamestown. Jamestown was the first town to have African American slaves The journey was 144 days to Jamestown.
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