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UK 101 & UK 201

No description

Seth Riker

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of UK 101 & UK 201

Education Abroad
at University of Kentucky
in·ter·na·tion·al ex·pe·ri·ence

/ˌintərˈnaSHənl/ /ikˈspi(ə)rēəns/
What does it say about a person?
Why would employers want it?
Why is it important?
What about Students who are nervous or haven't traveled outside the U.S.?

Students who rely on scholarships & financial aid?

Is it a glorified vacation or an investment?

What's the most popular year for students to do a program abroad?

What's the most popular term for students to do a program abroad?

Does "when" affect cost?

Can students do a program abroad anywhere?

What are the most popular destinations for UK students?

Does "where" affect cost?

Do students have to speak a foreign language?

What about students who don't currently receive scholarships or financial aid?

Are scholarships the only way to get funding?

Attend a First Step
Info Session
Chat with your
advisor or faculty.
Start exploring
are the students that do an EA program?

can students do an EA program?

is education abroad?

can students go?

-Objective #1: Career & Academic Goals

-It's about what you'll do
while there
, not just getting there
-"I've always wanted to go to Paris."

Will this person get a scholarship?
-(In an interview)"My study abroad experience was awesome. I got to travel a lot."

Will this person get the job?
- Some EA programs are directed by
UK Faculty with only UK students
- National Student Exchange
-Generally students can apply their financial aid and scholarships toward an EA program
-Junior year. Though, students can study abroad as early as the winter of freshman year.
- Scholarship competitiveness
- Using scholarships or financial aid
- Short term vs. long term comparison
(week for week; static costs)
- Almost- not countries w/ State Dept.
Travel Warnings
- Ex: Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc.
- Scholarship competitiveness
- Costs of living

- Spain, France, U.K. (the other one),
Germany, Italy, Australia
can you make it happen?

- No. Many programs offer a variety of classes in English...

- Some EA scholarships are based upon discipline or
region of study.
- Many UK Partners offer special AUTOMATIC
scholarships to UK students

-Be creative: remember holidays/birthdays; airline miles; online fundraising
- Attend an EA Scholarship Workshop
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