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6.03 Milestone Project

No description

Alyssa Allen

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of 6.03 Milestone Project

6.03 Milestone Project
Part One:
To address the issue of water pollution the community can get together and suggest opinions on how to take action. Personally, I can help by attending a meeting regarding water pollution and by volunteering to help clean up. I think that there are many different perspectives on how to address the issue because some people may want to go about it in a different way than others.
Negative Externailities: Air/ Water pollution can cause people to get sick which can mean they will become unemployed and it can also damage crops which means less money people will have to give to the government.

Positive Externalities: The price of crops may decrease causing people to purchase more which means more money for the government.
Negative Externalities: Households that use chemicals can cause the air pollution to get worse and if they dont dispose of their waste properly they can also worsen the water pollution.

Positive Externalities: A lot of households are going green which is helping. Also, they are recycling which is very helpful against pollution.
Negative Externalities: Contaminated air and water can cause people/ employees to get sick which means a company could lose business do to lack of employees.

Positive Externalities: A lot of businesses are starting to promote cleaner work places which is good because it not only helps the enviroment but it offers a safer work place for employees.
Rest of the World
Negative Externalities: Air and Water pollution affect the rest of the world in many ways. In third world countries contaminated water is a big issue causing many deaths. Air pollution is major all around the world because it affects everyone the same.

Positive Externalities: Because of the polluted air and water many car companies are making hybrid cars and selling them to other countries along with other efficient tools.
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