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My Student Teaching Experience

Kendalyn Paulin Clemson University Spring 2010

K Paul

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of My Student Teaching Experience

CT: Patricia Weaver US: Donald Fairbairn APS 1- Long Range Plan APS 2-Short Range Planning APS 3-Assessment and Using Data KP
Clemson University
Spring 2010
CP Probability and Statistics and HSAP Math My Student Teaching Experience APS 4-Maintaining High Expectations for Learners APS 5- Using Instructional Strategies APS 6-Providing Content APS 7-Monoriting Student Work APS 8-Environment that Promotes Learning APS 9-Classroom Management TL Hanna High School
Anderson, SC APS 10-Fulfilling Professional
Responsibilities My Philosophy of Education My Resume
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