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Organizational Learning

No description

April Haynes

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Organizational Learning

Organizational Learning
The Nature of Organizational Learning
Creating Common Knowledge
Leveraging Common Knowledge
Types of knowledge being transferred: tacit & explicit
Serial Transfer
Found often in our research...perhaps a popular method?

This was common in many training environments we described in our stellar learning company presentations
Near Transfer
Found in a few examples in our team projects
Starbucks OE process
IBM--teams could input their information from projects and other teams could see what they did
Far Transfer
Found a little less often, but at least one possible example seen in Starbucks???

Whole Foods has a unique way to do this: they encourage associates to move within the store network, taking their knowledge to new places
Strategic Transfer
Organizational Learning of Teachers (OLT)
-Serial transfer among teacher groups
-organizational learning cycle in the department
-the issue of naming the process
-the issue of systematic management and knowledge documentation
-the issue of physical space

Best Environment for Learning to Occur

Expert Transfer
Explicit knowledge
Hallway Learning
Explicit Learning
Tacit Learning
The rate of learning > or = the rate of change

Organizational Learning CONTRACTS
these contracts move unique knowledge that ea/individual has constructed into a group or public space so that the knowledge can be integrated and made sense of by the whole team
what is valued is reaching an identified goal
it's an intentional effort to translate experience into common knowledge.
Organizations are knowledge intensive and view the students, faculty, and administration as knowledge workers

An "entrepreneur" within a company who creates change/innovation

Need to be clear in contract as to special needs around "innovation"
Dixon explains that types of knowledge transfer should be combined
Infrequent and routine
The receiving team does a different task from the source team but in a similar context
One size fits all is for
t-shirts, not learning systems
When is collective knowledge an obstacle to learning?
Multilevel approach to building and leading learning organizations
Impacts the whole org.
Do virtual technologies allow for strategic transfer to happen without f-2-f interaction? Is this a cost saver?
Dixon Org Learning Cycle
The role of leaders
the leaders impact on organizational culture

A Learning Organization...

Not sure?? Check it out...
Distributed Learning Model
IBM has a distributed learning model displayed by its investment in technology that allows individuals and teams to share across virtual landscapes - Second Life
Exploration Learning versus Exploitation of Learning

Is there value in organizational learning just for exploration purposes?

Google provides 10-20% of production time for exploration for its engineers

Whole Foods combined many types
of learning to create their culture
consistently across 300+ stores in
three continents.
Collective Knowledge vs. Learning
petri dish for knowledge creation
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