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Nazi Germany

No description

Alexander Mellman

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany/Axis

1941: 2,867,000
1942: 2,976,000
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Marshall Timoshenko ROE on E. Border

Soviet forces unequipped for combat operations during early Nazi aggression- remnants of WW1
Red Army
1941: 2,680,000
1942: 4,613,000
Non aggression Treaty Signed
Germany invades Poland
Britain and France declare war
Germans reach Eastern border of Poland, stop short of Soviet Union
Germany invades Denmark, Norway
Nazis enter Paris
Luftwaffe begins bombardment of London

Army B
Army A
Order Number 227
Luftwaffe shaping operations
Germans enter the center of Stalingrad
Friedrich Paulus
1,011,500 Men
10, 290 Artillery guns
675 Tanks
1,216 Planes

Georgy Zhukov
1,000,500 men
13,541 artillery guns
894 tanks
1,115 planes
Operation Blue
Preparations for Operation Uranus
850,000 casualties, killed wounded or captured
91,000 POWs
only 6,000 return to Germany
1,129,619 casualties
478,741 killed or missing
650,878 wounded
40,000 confirmed civilian casualties
German Shaping Operations
Luftwaffe Bombings
80% of buildings are destroyed
Oil and timber yards destroyed
Volga River burns
Luftwaffe Bombings
1500 missions
1000 tons of bombs
Lost 3 aircraft

Operation Blue
Issues for Consideration
Forms of Maneuver of Operation Uranus; effectiveness?
Strategic/Operational decisions for choosing forms of maneuver?
Combined arms: Germany/Russia
Maneuver Warfare: Paulus/Zhukov
Critical enablers that made Zhukov effective?
What did Zhukov determine Nazi CoG/CV were?
Weight the main effort...was a main effort designated?
How did Paulus/Zhukov sustain ops/prevent culmination?
Total Casualties
7 months
1.7-2 million casulaties
397 people/hr
9,500 people/day
Red Enlisted
12 to 24 hrs life expectency
Soviet Officer
3 Days
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