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Project Planning

No description

Zenaida Nanoy

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Project Planning

Planning, Appraisal and Design
PLANNING is a written summary of what you hope to accomplish by being in work and how you intend to organize recourse to meet your goals
Selection , approval and activation .
1.Selection and approval.
Activation involves the coordination and allocation of resources to make the project operational. It is bringing together all the different members of the project team like the professionals, technicians, resource personnel, and others like the consultants, contractors, suppliers and policy makers. Responsibilities and authorities are delegated to make decisions related to personnel, legal, financial, organizational, procurement and administrative matter.
Selection takes place after the policy makers accepted the project when design is finished, formal implementation plan is completed, project is well defined and inputs are clearly identified. If the project can contribute to the national sector goal or it has priority claim it may be selected over another. In this stage, too, is the finalization of funding proposal, agreements and contract documents.
There are three basic tasks in this phase.
1.The identification and formulation of the project .
This is the creation of the idea of the project that born from the basic requirements of a country. Meaning, there is a need for a project to satisfy a particular basic requirement. Example projects have something to do with agriculture, economic, health, etc. The major sources of projects are the ff. : government departments or ministries, political parties, private entrepreneurs or multinational corporations and international agencies.
After a project has been identified, its parameters must be defined. This is now the formulation task. This is the stage where the following are developed. They are the objectives and expected results of the project as well as the estimate of the various resources required to achieve them.
Feasibility Analysis is the process of determining if the program can be implemented while Appraisal is the evaluation of the ability of the project to succeed. (Will it work? Will it succeed?). The feasibility analysis attends to the critical aspects of the project that have something to do with the following: economic, technical, financial, commercial, adiministrative/managerial, and other organizational aspects including political, social, environmental and cultural that have a significant impact on the project.
2.The feasibility analysis and appraisal the project
Project Appraisal is a process of verification of the situation in the field and a scrutiny of the report. The form of the appraisal will vary according to the type of the project.
The aims of the appraisal are to:
•evaluate the financial, economic, and social objectives of the project,
•verify the procedures of the project formulation team,
•recommend the conditions which will ensure that the project objectives are met, and
•ensure that the proposed grant /loan /expenditure is in accordance with the policy of the financing institution.
3. The design of project
It includes the preparations of blueprints and specification for construction, facilities, equipment, work schedules and contingency plans. By this stage, the basic programs are already established, responsibilities are allocated, operational priorities and functions have already set down.
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