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Public Speaking Presentation

No description

Annie B

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Public Speaking Presentation

B 1st annual
Speech and Debate Tournament The Culture and Entertainment Portfolio
COMPETITION Challenging all speaking spheres Prepared Speeches Debating Improvisation With multiple challenges
in each sphere... Term 1 Sphere:
prepared speeches Term 2 Term 3 Sphere:
Improvisation And Sphere:
Debating With a prize like no other... Good public speaking skills are beneficial in all aspects of life... Job interviews Convincing your parents to increase your pocket-money. Preparing yourself for when you are rich and famous! And How it's going to work:
ROUND 1: Prepared Speeches Term 1: Challenge 1 - Set topic
Challenge 2 - Set topic
Challenge 3 - Open topic score/100 score/100 score/100 TOTAL SCORE: /300 The person with the highest score at the end of Term 1 is guaranteed a place in the final. Term 2: ROUND 2: Debating In this term we will assign you into teams of 3 according to your total score from Term 1. CHALLENGE 4: Your team will get a week to prepare a given topic.
CHALLENGE 5: Your team will get 60mins to prepare a given topic.
CHALLENGE 6: Your team will get 60mins to prepare a given topic. HOWEVER, you will still be marked individually. You will receive 1 training session briefing you on the basics of this style of speech.
This will take place after school on: score/100 score/100 score/100 TOTAL/ 300 The person with the highest score at the end of Term 2 is guaranteed a place in the final. We will provide 1 optional Debating 101 training session for this sphere so that you know what you are doing! Term 3: ROUND 3: impromptu (unprepared) speeches Note: This is again an individual challenge. Challenge 1 - 10mins to prepare
Challenge 2 - 5mins to prepare
Challenge 3 - 2mins to prepare score/100 score/100 score/100 In this sphere you are unable to prepare for your speech. You are only given the topic on which you will speak a few minutes before hand. This sphere is your last one and is probably the most challenging.

BUT it is also the most beneficial. Being able to speak off the top of your head is crucial, no matter what job you go into. TOTAL/ 300 Person with the highest score at the end of Term 3 is guaranteed a place in the final. Don't stress,
a debate is just a civilised arguement! STEP 1: Sign up! When:
HOW: 1) Grab a form from the office
2) Fill out the form
3) Drop the form off in the RCL box
(opposite the vending machine) Quick and simple! STEP 2: Compete! There will be 3 ROUNDS
3 challenges a term
1 final challenge
and 1 winner STEP 3: Follow your progress! Scores accumulate thoughout the competition. After each challenge the leader board on the Culture and Entertainment's notice board will be updated. STEP 4: WIN! Make it to the finals; get a badge and your CV looks great. WIN the finals and you get the Grand Prize! THE FINAL CHALLENGE WHO: 6 people
The winner of Term 1
The winner of Term 2
The winner of Term 3
And the next 3 people with the highest overall scores at the end of term 3 on the leaderboard. WHEN: At the end of Term 3 WHERE: In the hall for an evening of public speaking and debating with parents, family and learners invited to come and watch. 1 Prepared Speech 1 Debate 1 Impromptu Speech Okay, but why public speaking? ALL IN FRONT OF A HALL FULL OF PEOPLE ROUND 1, 2 & 3 act as preliminary rounds Do well in them and secure your place in the FINAL and a 1 in 6 shot at the Grand Prize. Preliminary rounds are held in the library after school. All BHS LEARNERS are invited to come
watch and support. And finally:
The Grand Prize... Generously
sponsored by: The Grand Prize winner will receive: So what are you waiting for?
Forms have just been placed at the office! Good Luck! - Culture and Entertainment
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